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October 31, 2023

The Cetuem SCR GOLD Skincare range that is Truly Out of This World

With a large content of colloidal 24-carat gold – the precious metal that originates from outer space – the Cetuem SCR Gold skincare range is indeed out of this world.

Legendary Egyptian queen Cleopatra already knew over 2000 years ago about the amazing benefits of gold in skincare. She used a golden facial mask every night to increase the lustre of her complexion and enhance her beauty.

How does gold work in skincare?

Who better to explain than Miss England beauty queen, Dr Basha Mukherjee, who also happens to be an NHS doctor.

Gold is anti-inflammatory

People with psoriasis, acne and roseacea have all benefitted from the gold in skin care. Bhasha herself gets pimples and spots because of having to wear hospital-grade masks during the long shifts at work. She treats these with the Cetuem SCR Gold serum.

Gold is antioxident

Metals and in particular gold protect our skin from oxidation caused by sunrays and pollution. Gold acts as a barrier preventing damage to the DNA of skin cells that leads to the formation of facial lines and general ageing of the skin.

The Cetuem 24-carat gold-infused SCR Gold skincare range, developed after thirty years of research, is given the thumbs up by the most beautiful frontline doctor in England.

“Unlike many other ‘gold-infused’ products out there on the market, Cetuem is science-backed. This gold is colloidal gold, the most scientifically-proven version of gold that is the most easily absorbed into the skin” says Bhasha.

In addition to the 24-carat colloidal gold, the formula used in the Cetuem SCR Gold skincare range is based on a blend of botanical and marine plant extracts and vitamins A, C and E. No harmful chemicals are used and none of the products has been tested on animals.

The key products of the SCR Gold skincare range are:

SCR Gold serum – an intensive moisturiser and a powerful anti-ageing serum that regenerates skin cells and increases collagen production.

SCR Gold Crème de Lite – that promotes an even skin tone and brightens the complexion, using an organic botanical lightening complex combined with vitamins C and E and without the use of any harmful skin brightening chemicals.

The SCR Gold products are used by celebrities, VIPs and members of royalty.

SCR Gold Intensive Serum £170 (50 ml), SCR Gold Booster Serum £70 (15 ml)

SCR Gold Crème de Lite £55 (50ml)

Full range of the Cetuem skincare range available at Cetuem

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