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July 8, 2022

The Connections Between Male Lifestyle and Sexual Health

A sound body forms the foundation for enjoying life’s luxuries. However, our lifestyles can affect the body immensely and often irreparably. In this article, we will discuss one facet of the human experience that is deeply connected to an individual’s way of living: sexual health.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is among the most common disorders men have to go through, though discussing it is still stigmatized. It involves the trouble or inability to develop or maintain an erection during sexual activity. Here is how your lifestyle may be damaging your sexual health:

Physical Activity

You’ll find that not investing enough time in physical activity damages more than your looks – it is closely related to sexual dysfunction. A sedentary lifestyle where you do not move much movement inhibits the production of nitric oxide, harming blood vessel health. Consequently, your heart, health, and sexual life are at risk.

Regular physical activity can not only aid the prevention of the disorder; it can even treat erectile dysfunction. If you haven’t developed any relevant problems yet, incorporate mild to moderate exercises in your schedule. Similarly, if you already suffer from the disorder, moderate to intense workouts performed under supervision can go a great way in improving your sexual health.

Eating Habits

Malnourishment, including obesity, often spirals from temporary conditions into entire lifestyles. Celebrate yourself and your body but do not forget that these are health conditions that you need to work upon. The lack or excess of food components will result in states like obesity, malnutrition, and zinc deficiency, all of which are detrimental to your sexual health.

Heart disease and ED are closely tied to each other as they are consequences of arterial issues. The risk factors for cardiovascular diseases increase the chances of ED development and vice versa. Fat deposits worsen these. If you eat too much red meat and processed foods, your sexual health will .be at risk.

Substance Abuse

Smoking is among the most common ways of drug abuse, and unsurprisingly, its health consequences are far-reaching. Erectile dysfunction is among these consequences. Whereas indulging in an occasional cigarette on a calm day may not affect your body in the long run, smoking frequently is closely tied to ED. The more you smoke, the higher your chances of developing ED.

With drugs that affect the thought process and make you less aware, like heroin and cocaine, the risks exacerbate. These affect one’s sexual life in more than one way, from retreating from your partner and spending less time with them to damaging your body. Sexual dysfunction is most commonly seen in men who abuse heroin, ecstasy, and amphetamine, but the rest aren’t exempt from the effects either.


Sexual intimacy is integral to healthy relationships, and your lifestyle can damage your ability to partake in related activities. Prevention, as apparent, is the best cure. However, in the case of ED, lifestyle changes coupled with the proper medication can treat the disorder altogether. Do remember that taking common medicines without consulting a doctor will be counterproductive. For example, if you’re on Vardenafil, make sure you look into the common side effects of Levitra to know if any change you’re experiencing is regular or does it need immediate medical attention.

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