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December 6, 2019

The Extent to Which Music Can Influence Our Emotions and Actions

There is a deep and inherent connection between music and living beings. It isn’t just humans that can feel and respond to good music; we have seen the positive effects of good, soothing music on animals and even plants. But, currently, with the change in the type of music being made available and with people frequently listening to and liking music with violence, gang-related terminology and the rest, there is an on-going discussion in the media on how non-conventional music especially that which encourages violence can negatively affect people, especially from the younger generation.

Though there is a lot of research and a wide range of studies on the disruptive effects of violence in music, there is no clear consensus on whether the idea is true. Though there are studies that seem to correlate the effects of violence-encouraging music on behaviour issues, the data used is mainly observational and not from controlled experiments (and hence cannot be repeated to prove or disprove the argument). So, though researchers are still looking for answers in that area, there are proven positive benefits of good, soothing and lively music on our emotions and actions. Just like how winning at Fortune Mobile Casino can change your life forever, regularly tuning in to some quality, comforting music can provide you with a lot of physical and mental benefits.

A Filter for Feelings

Listening to melancholy songs when in a sad mood is a common practice. Breakup songs are one of those genres that people listen to depending on their mood or state of mind. In fact, when you are in a particular mood and if you listen to something that reflects it you will actually be able to understand the lines, the lyrics and the anguish of the writer a lot more.

So, since we know we are able to listen better when we are in the right mood, can the right song change our mood? Researchers say, yes. The mood of the songs can tweak the mood of the person listening to them. Researchers have tasked people to pick out happy and sad faces while listening to songs and people listening to happy songs were able to pick out more happy faces.

A Way to Improve Work Efficiency

Another important effect of good music is that it had the ability to better a person’s daily work performance. A study conducted on office workers has observed that people listening to classical music while working showed signs of a better overall mood, better interaction with co-workers and clients and an overall increase in their daily performance.

The study was of the opinion that cheering or soothing music had the power to make work a lot less stressful and this resulted in a better work atmosphere and people being able to work with one another in a more efficient manner. Additionally, compared to control subjects, the participants had a steadier work-curve, which meant they worked steadily throughout the day with no peaks or lows.

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