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March 1, 2022

The Gozney Dome: the pizza oven to set outdoor cooking game on fire

Gozney’s award-winning pizza oven is on sale from 1st March 2022, almost a year after it sold out globally in under eight hours during pre-sale.

After almost a year, Gozney’s highly anticipated next-generation pizza oven, the Gozney Dome, is finally for sale in the UK. The Dome was a roaring success in Gozney’s priority pre-sale, selling out globally in under 8 hours – less time than it takes to binge the latest season of Succession – leaving many wanting more. With a whopping 191% increase in searches for pizza ovens from 2019 to 2021 according to Google Trends*, there’s no doubt the Gozney Dome will be the hottest garden gadget this summer.

Built to the exact ratios of a traditional Neapolitan pizza oven, the Dome has been professionally engineered and expertly designed to make live-fire cooking easy for anyone – from professional chefs to home cooks, the whole family can make, create and discover all the Dome has to offer. With temperatures reaching 500℃, the Dome can effortlessly cook restaurant-quality pizza in just 60 seconds. But that’s not all, you’ll soon be able to roast, smoke, steam and bake with the Dome thanks to its range of pioneering accessories launching later this year.

The buzz around the Gozney Dome is born from an unparalleled calibre of quality and its inspired aesthetic. The Domeholds the power to transform the look of any outdoor space turning it instantly into your favourite al-fresco pizzeria. This state-of-the-art pizza oven harnesses knowledge from Gozney’s commercial origins, built using the same pro-grade materials and design principles. Having already captured the hearts of chefs, home cooks and design enthusiasts alike, the Dome has secured a number of coveted awards and is set to be the ultimate garden accessory of 2022.

Propelling the outdoor cooking market to new heights, the Dome has a range of features which when combined means it’s unlike anything else on the market today:

Rolling flame – a Gozney burner (gas or wood) emits an intense, golden flame, just like a traditional wood fired oven. No strip burners or blue flames in sight. Thanks to the unique baffle plate technology, the rolling flame reaches across the domed ceiling of the oven, cooking your pizza perfectly and distributing heat into the oven’s densely insulated walls and thick stone floor to ensure you can cook pizza after pizza.

Unbeatable heat retention – with more insulation proportionate to its size than any other outdoor oven, the Dome is complete with a 30mm stone floor which acts as a ‘heat sink’, storing and re-radiating heat, to keep the Dome’s temperature stable and provide dough with an authentic, stone-baked flavour.

Modern dome design – the combination of the Dome’s unique shape, innovative airflow, thick stone floor, unrivalled insulation, rolling flame technology, unique aesthetic and ease of use makes the Dome work as a traditional pizza oven, but with modern thinking.

Built-in digital thermometer – for ultimate precision, the Dome has a built-in digital thermometer and two temperature probes, so users won’t be left guessing when their food is ready.

Stone puck system – allows users to switch between the gas and wood burner systems effortlessly.

Quick connect accessory port – makes it easy for a range of pioneering accessories to be inserted for limitless possibilities.

Extra-wide mouth – the Dome’s 16.1” x 5.1” mouth and 22” x 18” oven floor means large, 16” pizzas can easily fit and be manoeuvred around the Dome.

Tom Gozney, Founder and CEO of the eponymous brand, said: “Over the past year we’ve been busy working behind the scenes to meet the huge consumer demand for the Dome. It’s been amazing to see the same buzz and passion we have about our products mirrored by our customers. The Dome holds the potential to revolutionise the way Brits are cooking and will make live-fire more accessible to everyone.

The Dome pushes the boundaries of design and engineering, replicating a restaurant-grade pizza oven from the comfort of your garden and without the extensive build of a commercial oven and we can’t wait for our customers to fully experience the oven’s potential. We also have a range of accessories launching later in the year meaning you’ll be able to roast, smoke, steam and bake using the Dome – really there’s nothing you can’t do!”

Gozney has gone from strength to strength in the last couple of years with demand continuing to outstrip supply and sales growing a whopping six-fold over the last two years. After missing out on last year’s drop, thousands of foodies have already joined the mailing list for the Dome and demand is set to grow once the oven hits general sale.

Available to buy in two fuel variations, the Gozney Dome is priced from £1,199 for the wood-only option and £1,499 for the dual-fuel. On sale now from Gozney, those interested in purchasing a unit can follow the link here.

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