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November 26, 2020

The Great British Traditions You Must Try On Any UK Visit

A trip to the UK probably isn’t at the top of your agenda currently given the climate. But for many it is an island that is on the bucket list and with recent news of a coronavirus vaccine, we can all start to dream again.

It’s the land of Mary Poppins, the Yorkshire Dales and fish and chips, and for those looking to visit one day, sampling all the great British traditions really is a must. But what are they?

We explore the biggest traditions across the country and the things you really should be sampling…

The Pub

Alehouses have been a massive part of the community and life in the UK for hundreds of years, and you’ll still find plenty across the country which has been stood occupying such spots for that period of time.

There are many in fact that claim to be the oldest in the country, with Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem said to be one of the oldest, claiming to date back to 1189. It’s located in Nottingham and rests against Castle Rock. Many believe it to be haunted, and it’s a must for any visitor looking to sample the great Britsh pub.

Of course, you’ll find plenty in many cities, and you really can’t beat a pint of bitter and a pie in one to wind away an afternoon.


Come the evening there are plenty of things to do, especially in the likes of London. You can, of course, take in a show in the West End, while bingo is also hugely popular in the country.

It’s a traditionally British game but one that has become a worldwide phenomenon in recent years thanks to the rise of online bingo and bingo for mobile. It’s been huge during lockdown and it continues to grow. Of course, playing online is a good way to practice ahead of visiting one of the many bingo halls in the UK. They are dotted all around the country, with seaside towns being particularly popular for lovers of the game to enjoy an evening of entertainment.

It’s estimated there are over 350 halls across the UK and they are still to this day full of charm, great characters and, of course, excellent jackpots!

Sunday Roast

While many people visiting the UK are desperate to find a fish and chip shop, you really mustn’t miss out on the traditional Sunday roast either.

Restaurants across the country serve up their meat and two vegs, with the likes of lamb, pork, chicken or beef complemented with the likes of carrots, cauliflower cheese, cabbage, roast potatoes and Yorkshire puddings, all drizzled with gravy. It’s enough to make your mouth water.

If you’re looking for the best in the country, then this great guide will give you a good indicator, while you’ll find plenty of excellent efforts in public houses across the countryside.


Football, or soccer if you’re living in the USA, is the UK’s best-loved sport and every Saturday hundreds of teams up and down the country kick-off against each other.

A Saturday afternoon at 3 pm is the traditional kick-off time, but these days you’ll find many games each and every night, from famous teams such as Manchester United and Chelsea to lower league sides like Stockport County or Dagenham and Redbridge.

If you’re looking for a real taste of what British football is all about then you’re definitely better off taking a trip to some lower league football. It’s a truly evocative experience, with the smell of pies, people young and old huddled together and the noise of laughter, groans and cheering really showing what the football community in Britain is all about.

No matter where you visit in the UK there will be a game for you to watch. You could be sat with 60,000 other people, you could be stood beside just 60. Either way, you’ll find the people just as fanatical, just as passionate, and just as welcoming.

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