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February 4, 2022

The Hidden Symbolism of Jewelry

For most people, their jewelry is an expression of their lifestyle. The materials that comprise their accessories speak of their status in life. The more expensive the materials, the more successful the person is, representing their access to luxury items. For some, the more intricate the jewelry, the more interesting it is because of the level of craftsmanship that goes into it. For them, the longer the time that the master jeweler needs to provide them their jewelry, the better because it’s a rare piece that can pass as an artwork.

However, some people don’t realize that the design on their jewelry may have hidden meanings depending on who looks upon it. For example, even the simplest band around your ring finger might signify a bond shared for eternity between two people. Most people don’t pay heed to the meaning of the design, but they appreciate the beauty and attention that it brings.

The most popular jewelry right now is the tree of life rings that come with different inlays and are made of materials of varying costs. These rings signify several things depending on the person interpreting the piece. Whatever the interpretations may be, these rings are sure to bring attention to you wherever you may go.


The tree of life, according to Norse mythology, is Yggdrasil. A huge tree holds the Nine Realms together in its branches, and its roots connect each part of the cosmos. Furthermore, the health of this spiritual tree is connected to the health of the cosmos. If its health fails, Ragnarök, or the end of the world, is imminent.


One of the hidden meanings of the tree of life is the interconnectedness of things around us. Recent studies state that all trees share a network that allows them to communicate and underscores the importance of a natural balance.


The symbol also denotes the family. Regardless of the distance, the roots signify that the family is connected with a bond that cannot be easily broken. Such an interpretation also showcases a particular family’s lineage and emphasizes that we have to cultivate our relationships.


Trees are also among the oldest inhabitants of earth as several species have lived close to 5,000 years. For many cultures, the growth of a tree signifies the maturation of a person, too. This is also one of the reasons why many cultures revere nature, as they know that it’s there to protect us.


As the entity that holds the world together, Yggdrasil symbolizes strength. Similarly, wearing it signifies that you have a strong personality that isn’t deterred by most problems and can adapt to what the situation calls for.


Sitting under a tree brings inner peace as it seems to calm the spirit. This is also one of the many symbols that come with wearing a Yggdrasil-inspired ring. Whenever you find yourself in a bind, you can focus on it and imagine the tranquility washing over you.

Final takeaway

Each jewelry carries a symbolism that changes depending on who looks at the piece. But, regardless of the symbol it conveys, jewelry will always enhance your appearance and help you stand out from the rest.

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