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February 23, 2021

The High Life in Luxury Private Jets – Benefits of Owning Your Own Plane

Frequent-flyers, high-profile public figures, and busy individuals alike all benefit from traveling in private jets. Sometimes it makes sense to own your own plane, and there are, in fact, lots of benefits to doing so.

With so many reasons to buy an aircraft for sale, it’s no wonder that major corporations, politicians, and business leaders opt to fly privately: safety, privacy, time, flexibility, experience, and savings.


A private jet eliminates the need to travel through commercial airports and sit at the gate and aboard the plane, shoulder-to-shoulder with strangers.

Because private jets tend to be smaller than the Boeing planes that passenger airlines use, they can depart from smaller airports, where crowds are unheard of. You don’t have to go through security and remove your shoes; instead, you can board your plane and take off without having to deal with the frustration of the TSA.

In the past year, this benefit has become more and more important to travelers, considering the risk of becoming infected with a contagious disease or virus, like COVID-19. Traveling in your own jet nearly eliminates the risk.


Just as your own personal jet affords you added safety and security, you will also enjoy a private ride, where you can conduct business or relax, uninterrupted.

Handle confidential matters for your company, take a nap, enjoy customized refreshments, and never wait in line for the lavatory when you own the jet you’re flying on. You’ll never risk someone seeing top-secret information as you work on your laptop, and you can hold conference calls to meet with your colleagues – something you certainly can’t do if you’re flying on Southwest.


When you fly commercially, you have to get to the airport well before your flight, wait in your seat as other passengers board and deboard, and walk what feels like miles through terminals to get to your ground transportation. If you add up the hours you spend traveling, you’re losing at least half a working day, at minimum, for a short flight.

Flying privately, however, allows you to quickly get seated in your jet and take off to your destination without the adding time spent waiting and walking. Instead of getting to the airport an hour before your flight, it’s possible that you arrive moments before departure. After landing, simply deplane without waiting for the people ahead of you to remove their carry-on luggage from the overhead bins.


When you fly on traditional commercial airlines, you have to follow their schedule. You have to book a flight that mostly aligns with your timelines. You have to find flights without layovers or stopovers. You’re at their will, and they don’t care that their flights don’t necessarily fit into your calendar.

When you fly on your personal jet, you can expect to have much more flexibility with scheduling your takeoffs and landings. Of course, you’ll still need to fit into the flight schedule of the airports where you’re departing and landing, but in general, you can choose the times that work best for you. This means, in addition to saving all the time that you’d normally spend waiting for commercial flights, you’re also capable of keeping the schedule that works best for you and your responsibilities when you fly privately.


Aboard a commercial jet you’re simply a seat number and a drink order to the crew. Sure, they’ll attend to your needs, but you can only get the attention, refreshments, and care that everyone else on the plane can receive.

Flying privately, however, lets you customize your experience. You can choose the drinks, snacks, and meals served aboard the plane, because you own it. You can choose the video entertainment options, and you can even control the cabin temperature! Don’t like your seat? Feel free to move, or stretch out on the divan available in some larger private jets. It’s like having all the comforts from home, when you’re thousands of feet in the sky.


If you are a frequent flyer, especially if you most often ride in first class, you’re spending thousands of dollars per year on commercial plane tickets. If you charter your own flights or have a jet card or similar service, you may even be spending more money on that than you would if you purchased your own plane outright.

Even a small private jet outfitted with all the features you need – like a lavatory, small galley, comfortable seating, and workspace – can be just as affordable as paying to fly in someone else’s plane.

And if you’re part of a larger company with lots of executives and leaders traveling for work, it may be beneficial to purchase a large business jet to carry everyone to shared meetings around the region, country, or world. If you’re not sure whether buying a jet would be a smart financial decision, speak with your financial advisor for information before beginning to find aircraft for sale.

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