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August 22, 2020

The Hippo Boutique Hotel – Cape Town’s hidden Gem

Hidden away in the trendy district of Gardens, Cape Town, is a building teeming of life, vibrance and luxury. This place is a cosy, modern set up right in the heart of the city, providing the perfect escape for a much needed break. It goes by the name Hippo Boutique Hotel, which is a member of Cape Country Routes.

After being stuck inside my apartment for what is now close to 5 months, one can only imagine the pure thrill and excitement I felt when the opportunity arose for me to stay two nights at the hotel. Due to the ongoing pandemic I had given up hope of ever leaving my home for anything that wasn’t groceries. I got the call, and in faster than the blink of an eye my bags were packed and I was out the door and on the road, ready and excited for whatever the experience had to offer. Freedom.

My drive up from Stellenbosch was peaceful and refreshing. I strategically scheduled to check-in during the late afternoon, and was welcomed into The Mother City by a dazzling setting sun, that at the time cast a marvellous orange and purple tint onto the surrounding mountains — which themselves seemed to be almost within reaching distance. The sky was ablaze, a canvas painted in a spectrum in blue, purple and fiery orange. A crisp coastal breeze drifted through the quiet streets as I made my way towards the building situated on 5-9 Park Road, Gardens, Cape Town. The hotel itself is perfectly central. The 4-star establishment provides quick and easy access to a vast selection of restaurants, shopping complexes, nearby beaches and other public facilities, as it is situated right in the middle of the city, not too far off from the lively Kloof and Long streets. Upon arrival, my companion and I were greeted by friendly staff who were eager to assist, and at all times boasted warm smiles and bubbly personalities. All measures and precautions had been taken prior to our arrival to ensure that the space was sanitary and up to all hygienic standards. I was thoroughly impressed by the quick check-in service time, and was finally escorted to my mystery suite. I felt the anxiety and excitement start stir up inside me with every step closer I took down the hallway and towards our room, still having no idea what I was in for.

My companion and I had the privilege of spending two nights in the iconic Mini Cooper Suite. I opened my room door to be greeted by a marvellous open-plan dining hall and  living area with sleek white tiles, gentle lighting and a chic glass dining table. The room was edgy, colourful and stylish — equipped with marble counters, a wooden desk work space, sleek décor and a sliding glass door which provided a wonderful view of the surrounding mountains. The space was clean and surprisingly spacious, possessing a high-ceiling lounge area, dangling lights and modern staircase that lead up to the upstairs sleeping area, the perfect size for a party of two. Walking through its well-lit passage I gazed to my left, and my attention was immediately caught by a brilliant bright yellow and black checkered wall that filled the room vibrance and life, it ran the entire length of the west side of the room ending at a glass door. On my right was a seamless white wall decorated with carefully selected pieces of artwork that only seemed to add to the pre-existing almost tangible energy of the space. The glorious combination of yellow, purple and white furnishing with bold dark undertones made the suite the perfect balance between luxury and comfortability. Despite the size, the space was without a doubt still able to maintain a tranquil, intimate and homely atmosphere. It was far better than anything I could’ve expected. The excellent natural lighting in the apartment meant golden hour was a real treat, making it easy to feel at home and enjoy the space for a simple weekend indoors.

For meals, we made use of the wide selection of restaurants that were quite literally on our doorstep.

On the outside the Hotel is chic and welcoming. The building comes fully equipped, offering a secure covered parking area, rooftop pool, in-room spa services, signature suites and breathtaking panoramic views. I mean, can you really ask for more? If you’re looking for a spot to unwind, sit back and put your feet up, while still staying within close proximity to the central city life, then The Hippo Boutique Hotel is just the spot for you. This place is bright, homely and carries an unmistakable hint of pure elegance. It pleases me to say that my all expectations were greatly exceeded. By the end of my weekend, I left feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready to tackle whatever was to come my way.

So. Would we go back? The answer is undoubtedly YES.

There’s a feeling you get almost automatically when you walk into your suite at the Hippo Boutique Hotel.  This deep-rooted sense of ease and comfortability, a home-away-from-home kind of feeling. And that’s what makes it special.

So, to the wonderful staff at the Hippo Boutique Hotel, thank you — and believe me when I say, you have not seen the last of me.

www.capecountryroutes.com ; CCR Central Reservations:  076 203 8929 (also WhatsApp), [email protected]

Written by Tré Delange for Luxuria Lifestyle South Africa

Instagram / #Luxurialife