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August 13, 2021

The Internet And Mental Health: Why It’s Not All Bad

The internet is all too often slated as being unhealthy for our mental wellbeing, with social media being one of the top causes of for degradations in mental health and contributing to being. Whilst this may have some truth to it, the internet can also serve as a healthy and helpful resource for those that are struggling with loneliness, or mental health disorders like depression and anxiety.

The Negative Impact

Of course, it’s important to discuss the negative aspects of the internet that genuinely can be harmful to us. As with any pastime, browsing the internet, playing online games, and using social media can all become somewhat addictive depending on our personalities. Prolonged usage of these mediums can even have a harmful effect on our physical health such as being overtly sedentary, getting less exercise and developing bad posture. But the length of time we spend online, especially on social media, can drastically hurt our sleeping patterns and viewing certain things can upset us and either exacerbate or cause mental health disorders. It’s common for people to compare themselves to others too when using social media platforms. Pictures of successful friends enjoying life on holiday, and such can make us disregard our own accomplishments, for example. But, along with changing the way we look at the internet, finding a balance between our time online and offline can be very healthy.

Getting Health Advice

Online resources can be a great advantage to improving our health and fitness. Online workout classes can help you to focus on your fitness without going to the gym, and there is even tools for booking an online GP appointment through apps like Virtually healthcare. They’re an NHS run business that provides easy access to GP appointments without the hassle of traveling to the doctor’s surgery. They even provide mental health signposting to direct you towards getting the right help.

Staying Connected

Whilst there are plenty of horror stories out there about the negativity brought by social media, in the right circumstances it can truly be a force for good. Older and vulnerable people that have been isolating during the pandemic have benefitted from the lifelines that are social media and online services which have helped to combat loneliness. It’s also a good way for those that are struggling with their mental health and other negative experiences to find others that have been through similar experiences and can share their coping mechanisms or just provide others with a sense that they’re not alone with their problems.

A Platform For Expression

As well as being the perfect place to cure boredom, the internet has given people almost unbridled access to methods of self-expression and creativity. Sharing your photography, edited videos, artwork and music can be the perfect way to not only scratch that unproductive itch, but to get across the way you feel and shine a light on topics that are important to you. Using the internet to feed your talents and creativity is a brilliant way to hone those skills and showcase what you’re capable of.

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