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November 20, 2020

The luxurious and striking 12 Apostles Hotel & Spa

12 Apostles Hotel and Spa is the very definition of luxury living, sophisticated and located in the perfect setting, it is hard to explain the beauty until you experience it yourself. Located in what must probably the most exquisite scenic route you can ever lay your eyes upon, overlooking the vast Atlantic Ocean before you ensuring a perfect sunrise every single day and flanked by the absolutely majestic Table Mountain National Park and the Twelve Apostles mountain range. This extraordinary 5-star Hotel and Spa overlooks the luminescent marine reserve and has the longest hours of sunshine in Cape Town, a perfect Atlantic Ocean sunset as promised every single time, no matter the weather. On our visit to this remarkable stay, we had cold, windy weather, cloudy and grey mornings, but the sunset absolutely took our breath away!

Conveniently located for travellers who want the feel of peaceful and luxury living, relaxation and incredible service, but don’t be worried, they cater to the business trips as well. Complimentary shuttle service to the city centre and V&A Waterfront ensures that no minute is missed travelling to and from your next meeting, but the spectacular beaches and tourist attractions are within easy reach. The three ingredients needed to make up the elixir called luxury living are simple: time, income and mobility. They are equipped with incredible networking experiences, spacious boardrooms and a great setting for conferences and meetings. We had a few meetings to attend to and were welcomed with open arms to have them in one of their boardrooms, making sure we get the work done with the sound of the ocean coming through the windows for that quick reminder that relaxation is just outside the door.

The luxury of this 5-star experience is difficult to explain, it’s hard to put into words something that many have not yet experienced, but that is why I am here to tell you how much you are missing out on. 12 Apostles Hotel and Spa cater for everyone, from babymoons and engagements to family birthday celebrations filled with 5-course meals, every aspect of your stay will ensure luxury, relaxation, divine food, wine tasting, sushi, gin tasting and so much more.

They are equipped with various restaurants each setting a mood of their own, dress up and enjoy a view of the gorgeous Atlantic Ocean, or would you rather enjoy the best sushi in the world with the Twelve Apostles staring down at you, or what about the incredible Leopards Bar? The Azure restaurant promises warm and comfortable tones with the option to enjoy inside dining as well as outside taking in the exquisite view in all its greatness. Enjoy sushi in a relaxed and more casual setting tasting sushi made by the renowned ex-Nobu chef Sarawut Sukkowplang in The Café Grill, serene and peaceful and the best sushi, no, really! The Leopard Bar is designed with warm tones and has the feel of a classic cigar and whiskey lounge, but don’t be discouraged if this isn’t something you usually enjoy, because not only is the beautiful view a few feet away, but you can also enjoy anything from gin and champagne to fresh oysters and sundowners.

We were so happy when we were invited for a very special gin tasting in The Leopard Bar before dinner. The staff here are extremely knowledgeable on gin pairing, not only because they were taught every aspect of gin origin and tastings, but because they taste and experiment different flavours every day until they find the perfect pairing. We were spoiled with so many choices as they specialize in local gins to be included in the tasting process, ensuring that South African gin is involved in the tasting process promoting #localislekker. Our gin tasting included gin from Inverroche, Musgrave Spirits, Bloedlemoen Distillery and Sixdogs Distillery, the trip down this gin journey was impeccable teaching us that gin can be enjoyed in so many ways. We had to try their deliciously fresh oysters, and man did they not disappoint at all, served with very finely chopped red onion, add your lemon juice, pepper and tabasco to taste, it will leave you wanting more! After our divine gin tasting, we were asked to pose for a quick pretty picture with their amazing staff members and then guided to our stunning dinner table in The Azure restaurant.

We enjoyed a 3-course meal of choice paired with champagne of course and what was probably one of our highlights was experiencing a couple in love change their relationship status to from dating to engaged, so special and sweet. Our starters comprised of mussels served on a bed of risotto mains included Indian Chicken curry served with naan bread as well as poppadoms on the side, and Prawn Stroganoff with freshly baked bread, and to end off our perfect dinner a slice of berry cheesecake. A perfect setting of dimmed lights, soft music playing in the background, smiles all around and a glass of champagne in hand enjoying the ocean breeze as you wait for your next course.

Each room has a different style and view, choose anything from a room or a suite each with a different feel of luxury and class, depending on your preference, you can have an ocean view, a mountain view, a view of the beautiful walking trails, or you can be set in the middle of it all and have the best of both worlds, a presidential suite and even a Grand Master Suite. We were met with the most beautifully stitched material walls, not wallpaper, actual material stitching, a big bathroom which included a big bathtub, spacious shower, and very well-lit vanity. The novelties are amazing, bath salts, body scrub, body lotion, shampoo and conditioner are all amazing, they smell absolutely exquisite and can also be purchased at their spa facilities, they also included a full-size hand sanitizer which smells divine and really came in handy on our trip, because you know #covid. Our king-size bed, spacious lounge area and the balcony view is a definite selling point and intertwine so well together…Rest in a big spacious bed, have breakfast in your very own lounge area and finally enjoy the fresh breeze on your balcony with a cuppa in hand, perfect serenity with a view, what else does one need?

They have a heated swimming pool overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, perfect for any kind of weather, add a glass of your favourite beverage and enjoy the comfort with a beautiful view. Outside The Café Grill, you can become one with nature with their impeccable rock pool with the temperature set by mother nature herself, lounge chairs set at the toe of the majestic Twelve Apostles mountain range and surrounded by mother nature in all her perfectness. They welcome all travellers, local and foreign, be sure to spot your country’s flag upon entry, ensuring every guest is welcome and feels right at home. This immaculate hotel and spa are decorated with incredible attention to detail, from mirrored walls and indoor fountains reminding you of movies set in Greece to mosaic walls and fabulous hand-picked furniture.

I was spoiled to an amazing one-hour ELEMIS facial which included a foot massage, neck massage as well as arms massage, a definite spoil of note and extremely relaxing, leaving my skin with a healthy glow, hydrated and no breakouts. Their spa facility has a definite wow factor and equipped with so many treatments to choose from, they have various facial options, massages, pedicure and manicure stations, they have anti-ageing treatments, couple spa packages, mineral pool and so much more. The epitome of relaxation and more, greeted with herbal tea, a smile and the kindest souls, splendid is the word. If you feel like an out of the ordinary massage experience, they have a beautifully set out outdoor space ensuring you are relaxed and being treated surrounded by nature and all its glory. They also have a walking trail which can be enjoyed whenever you feel like it, with indigenous plants all around, the sound of waves crashing and the blanket of mist drawing near as the day comes to an end.

I have included our gin tasting pairings so that you and yours can enjoy it at home, enjoy!

“Mus” be nice

• Double shot of Musgrave Distillery lemon-flavoured gin
• Ice
• Cucumber
• Basil
• Tonic water
Add the gin, cucumber and basil to your glass, take a spoon and press on the basil leaves and cucumber to release the flavours, add the ice, swirl around for a few seconds, add your tonic water and enjoy.

Orange sophistication

• Double shot of Bloedlemoen Distillery gin
• Ice
• Orange
• Grapfruit
• Pink Tonic
Add the gin, orange slice and grapefruit slice to your glass, take a spoon and press on the slices to release the flavours, add the ice, swirl around for a few seconds, add your tonic water and enjoy.

Blue strawberry

• Double shot of Sixdogs Distillery Blue gin
• Ice
• Twig of rosemary
• Strawberry
• Tonic Water
Add the gin, twig of rosemary and the sliced strawberry to your glass, take a spoon and press on the slices to release the flavours, add the ice, swirl around for a few seconds, add your tonic water, you will see the drink change colour from blue to pink due to the acidity reaction (pretty cool) and enjoy.

Coffee with a twist

• Double shot of Sixdogs Distillery Pinotage Infused gin
• Ice
• Coffee beans
• Tonic Water
Add the gin, coffee beans to your glass, add the ice, swirl around for a few seconds, add your tonic water, remove the coffee beans and enjoy.

A: Victoria Road, Camps Bay 8005, Cape Town
W: 12 Apostles Hotel & Spa
T: +27 21 437 9000

Written by Shannon Uijs for Luxuria Lifestyle South Africa

Instagram / #Luxurialife