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July 2, 2020

The Luxurious Wedding: What Makes a Wedding Grand?

If you are someone who has always had an appetite for luxury up until now, then it only makes sense that you want your wedding to be grand enough to complement that perfectly as well. Now that you are about to tie the knot for good, it might be a good idea to look through the following suggestions, because they have been collected from the most luxurious weddings ever celebrated.

The Invitation

If we are discussing an Indian wedding here, then the invitation card holds great value in terms of social prestige. After all, it is the very first thing that your guests will notice about your wedding, long before the Big Day arrives. From wedding cards made from 18-carat gold to pre-programmed iPads for each guest, people have spent millions of pounds on wedding invitations alone.

A lavish wedding invitation helps to create that grand impression if the invitation is set in the same luxurious theme that has been planned for the wedding. Design it as a prelude for what’s to come on the wedding day, and you are sure to impress!

The Venue

Second only to the vibes inside, the venue plays a crucial role in determining whether the wedding itself can even be called luxurious or not. The choices are so many and so varied that it would not be possible to suggest a universal venue that would appeal to every couple and their families. However, all luxurious wedding venues share the following properties:

• The area surrounding the venue should be upmarket and beautiful
• The place itself should be large enough so that all your guests can attend without feeling overcrowded
• The lights, decorations, flowers and overall theme you have planned should fit the place adequately
• If there’s a need for overnight guest accommodations, a 5 Star Hotel would be more appropriate

Live Entertainment

Every luxurious wedding must have high-quality live entertainment, and show bands must be the main part of the entertainment crew. If you need a 5 Star Asian wedding band for hire, and one that is capable of setting any wedding party on fire, Jam Hot is one of the best choices available for that in all of the UK. They have vast experience in entertaining their guests, not only in ways that the average Asian wedding band is expected to, but they keep people guessing by adding their own brilliant innovations to the whole experience. This uniqueness sets every wedding they attend well apart from the rest. Pay a visit to the Jam Hot website and find out what to expect from the Indian wedding band yourself.

Food and Alcohol

Depending on the social and religious beliefs of the people involved, alcohol may or may not be an option, but just in case it is, the bar should only be serving from top-shelf bottles.

What every lavish wedding should have, on the other hand, is food, and lots of it. It doesn’t even matter if it’s an Indian wedding or not; the chief idea here is to make culinary preparations that people want to have more of, and when they do, they should be able to! However, the cuisine will, of course, differ quite widely, based on the cultural backgrounds of the two families.

There are several other aspects of a grand wedding that makes it luxurious because we have not even touched on other important subjects such as the camerawork, the ceremony itself, the wedding dresses, bridal jewellery and so much more. However, if you want people to remember your wedding celebrations as much as you will, these are what should take precedence. Also, you may want to hire a capable wedding planner, because they know how to make it grand in ways that most brides and grooms don’t.

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