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May 16, 2021

The Most Expensive and Premium Sports

There are a lot of different sports in the world so that people who have different talents can achieve success. Athletes with great stamina can become great marathon runners or cyclists. Those who have strong muscles can compete with others by lifting weights. Even people with sharp eyes can buy a gun and become professional shooters.

The majority of sports are free or affordable for people. In most cases, the expenses required to become an athlete imply a pair of good sneakers and sportswear. In exceptional cases, athletes are required to buy equipment that is worth hundreds or thousands of dollars. However, some sports need people to spend extremely large sums or find rich sponsors. Do you want to know more about these sports? Scroll down below and read about the top five most expensive sports in the world.


It is one of the most elite and luxurious sports that most children dream about. Equestrian is horseback riding that involves steeplechasing and vaulting. The sport can be affordable if you have a ranch with a horse. However, if you want to enter the professional league, you will be required to buy a horse of a particular breed that can cost up to one million dollars.

Also, you will be required to pay a lot of money for keeping a horse. According to the CustomWriting reviews, good-quality service cannot be cheap. The same rule applies to horse maintenance. Being a horseback rider, you will be required to feed your animal properly. Also, you will need to invest in facilities and pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for transporting your horse and covering competition entry fees.


Even though sailing may seem a cheap sport, it’s necessary to make a few tremendous expenses. In a nutshell, this sport needs people to race on boats using the power of the wind to run their vessels. They need to follow a particular course, reach milestones, and even keep a particular speed to win. It’s a tough sport that needs yachters to be strong athletes with great stamina, as even the weight of bodies is used for steering a boat.

Despite the fact, the boat needs no fuel. It can cost up to $100 million, which makes it super expensive equipment. However, even if you already have a boat, you need to know that sailing is a seasonal sport. The rest of the time, a $100 million boat should be docked. The expenses of transporting, storing, and maintaining a super expensive boat can reach millions of dollars.

Hot Air Balloon Racing

This sport is very popular among people of different ages. You can easily find experienced racers competing with young students who always read the Expert Writing reviews to learn more about the services that should be bypassed, getting help online. There is no racing in the form most people imagine it. No finish line should be passed. Instead, air balloon racers need to reach a particular point. A racer who gets as close as possible using air streams only wins.

The sport is not as expensive as sailing, but still needs a lot of expenses. A professional air balloon can cost more than a quarter of a million dollars. Also, racers have to pay for transporting their equipment and have a team that will follow them during a flight to pick up the equipment upon landing.

Formula One

It’s hard to find people who don’t know that about this sport. All kinds of moto racing need people to invest a lot of money to make their cars very fast and reliable. However, vehicles that participate in Formula One are the fastest racing cars in the world. Consequently, they are extremely expensive.

All the Formula One cars cost millions of dollars by themselves. According to researchers, an average price of a vehicle is $12.2 million. The engine is the most expensive part of a car. Its price can reach $10 million. However, the required spendings are way larger. A team’s owner should buy costly fuel, tires and pay for top-tier maintenance. They need to have a large team of experts and invest in development. Also, teams should pay the race entering fee that is $190,000. The top teams spend over $400 million a year in total to keep leading positions.


Despite the fact this sport may seem simple, it needs a lot of expenses. It isn’t affordable for students, even if they stop wasting their money on low-quality writing platforms like EssayShark. A bobsled itself, the most expensive equipment, worth up to $100,000. However, it’s also very costly to train. There is a low number of bobsled runs in the world that are very expensive to maintain. Consequently, riders are required to pay large fees for running a bobsled. Besides, they have to cover travel expenses.

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