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April 30, 2022

The Most Luxurious Areas to Stay in Malaga

Malaga is an extremely popular coastal destination for UK holidaymakers, comprising a key part of the ‘Costa del Sol’. Malaga has a reputation for being a family holiday location, and when you mention Malaga, many may think first of busy beaches and hyperactive children; however, Malaga is also an incredibly distinguished city, with much more to offer.

Indeed, there are some districts that offer luxury more than a shade above the resort hotels to which many are accustomed. In considering staying in some of these Malaga districts, though, it is important that you book your airline transfer in advance – the city is large, and your legs will thank you!

La Malagueta

The neighbourhood of La Malagueta is the central coast, comprising the final stretch of south-facing beach before the coastline itself swings southward. It is the closest beach to Malaga’s city centre and boasts a wide variety of high-quality hotels and luxury restaurants in which you can live the laissez-faire holiday of your dreams. La Malagueta is a particularly family-friendly area as well and is a mere stone’s throw from Puerto de Malaga – where you can get your fix of the open ocean on luxury sailboats and mini-cruises.

Malaga Centro

Of course, Puerto de Malaga is technically part of Malaga Centro – the central district of the city, and a sprawling district to boot. Centro encompasses the aforementioned dockland and the medieval streets that makeup Malaga’s original footprint.

In Centro, you can find it all: a thriving retail sector, monuments to Malaga’s rich cultural history and the traditional restaurants that make its side streets such a joy to wander. Malaga was the birthplace of none other than Pablo Picasso, and his childhood home has become a museum in celebration of his life and work. Sleeping within walking distance of art history is certainly something to brag about…

Soho Malaga

Art history is all well and good, but what about the cutting edge? If your idea of luxury is to be staying in amongst the trailblazers and trendsetters of the contemporary age, look no further than Soho Malaga. This small district is right next to Puerto de Malaga and has been ‘reclaimed’ by the underground artists of the region as a hub for modern art and culture. Here you will find the independent venues, the ground-breaking theatre, the maker’s markets, and the modern art galleries. Culture in the making, and the makings of a class holiday.

El Limonar

For a holiday well and truly in the lap of luxury, El Limonar is absolutely the district for you. El Limonar is located a shade north of the Malagueta beach and is an exclusive suburb populated with luxury villas and party to some of Malaga’s best views. For a lazy week of sun and sea, there is no better neighbourhood in which to stay than Spanish suburbia.

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