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December 22, 2021

The Party House No One Will Want to Leave

It might look effortless in magazines or on TV, but creating a place where the champagne and caviar flow all night, where everyone crashes in their evening gowns until they rally the next day, and where the music lends itself to the most exciting rendezvous is an art form.

What do you need to have in a house that will make your parties the most memorable? Here’s the lowdown.


Surround sound has come so far in the last years of the technological revolution. You don’t have to have giant speakers that take up space.
Splurge on nice ones built into walls that will allow for both smooth and blood-pumping music to course through the whole house, the yard, and the pool area.

The music vibe means allowing for some jam sessions, too. The best drum brands for your entertainment room might be from names you haven’t heard of before, like Yamaha, Gretsch, and Canopus.

An essential thing in choosing a drum set, a couple of guitars, and speakers for your party house, though, is durability and flair. You want all the instruments and music components to catch people’s eyes and ears and stand up to some rough play. You never know who’s going to have a turn!

Space Flow

If you’ve watched a single home improvement show, you’ve heard the phrase “open concept.” A party house is the epitome of a place that needs this. You want everyone to feel that wherever they are, they’re in the middle of the action. If you’re renovating before welcoming the masses, knock down any walls that aren’t load-bearing to fit as many people as possible without it feeling crowded.

Create niches for privacy, though, as people will want it as the nights turn into early mornings. Ensure that the rooms are filled with cozy places to lounge, windows that open up for the fresh night or morning air, and creature comforts that make people want to stay longer.

Lighting Systems

All hail the recessed lighting with dimmable options! Lighting creates an ambiance that can make people feel exposed or at ease. Make sure that all your choices are flattering and have opportunities for low, mid, or high light levels depending on the situation.

Any lamps or tangible lights should be ideally placed, so they won’t be prone to breaking or getting knocked over, as well as beautiful, looking like they were made for the rooms they’re in.

Don’t forget the importance of natural light, large picture frame windows and skylights will make your home one step closer to the outside world.

Food and Drink

Your kitchen should be centralized, and if a second one is an option, add it! People at a party want food and drinks flowing at all times, and these should be easily accessible.

Explore options for wet bars outside, and if you have a pool, ask about putting in a swim-up bar for those hot summer days when no one wants to leave the water.

Make It Your Own

All in all, your party house is going to be off the hook if you put your personal touch to it.

Make it memorable compared to everyone else they’re by adding your flair that no one else has, and people will be talking about your get-togethers from the time they end until the next one begins.

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