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December 10, 2021

The Remax Collection / Spazio Interview

1. How long have you been active in the luxury real estate market Graca?

I have been active for 18 years as a Real Estate broker/owner, and 15 of these
years working on the Luxury Market niche.

2. Can you tell us more about your vision for signature service?

We draw a clear line of where we are and where we want to take our customer, and have the ability to antecipate anything that comes in between so that the experience is top knotch in the buying or selling process.

So our vision is always focused on customer need.

3. What sets your company apart from the other realtors in Portugal?

Relationship based on trust. And this applies to Customers and to our Team.

Our constant need to learn more about the business and the changing market, and implementing techniques to ameliorate our skills while exibiting optimism throughout.

4. Has the Luxury Real Estate market in Portugal been wounded by Covid-19?

Although the uncertainty for the future did foresee that we would be wounded, there was no significant shift or impact on our Real Estate Market. Having the ability to adapt, both us and our customers shifted mentality to Virtual and so we were able to contour any predictable downfall. And the Market actually reacted very well.

5. The real estate sector in Portugal is increasingly outward-looking in welcoming expats and foreign investors. Can you tell us more about the tax-friendly habitual resident scheme and the Golden Visa?

When we consider citizen programmes, tax regimes, weather, healthcare, education, logistics, and incredible quality of life in itself fantastic reasons for people to be looking at Portugal.

The Golden Visa Program was created in 2012 and has been popular to gain the means to live and work anywhere in Europe and can travel within the area covered by the Schengen Agreement. However, in January 2022, changes are to happen, and investors or people looking into relocating under this program will only be elegible in low density areas (rural and less populated locations), or with investments for support programs beginning at 1,500.000€ or 500.000€ for research, development or creation of Companies/Jobs. There is, still, much to explore even with these new nuances for the programme.

In anycase, our NHR (Non-Habitual-Resident) status where there are special benefits from personal Income Tax for a ten year period, is undeniably attractive.

6. Which are the best areas to buy luxury property in Portugal?

Well, we are sort of biased because we work one of the most beautiful areas in Portugal, Cascais, Sintra and Lisbon!
Lisbon being our Capital City which ranks consistently as one of the top 25 cities to live in worldwide and nearby what is considered the portuguese Riviera (Cascais), bathed by the most beautiful coastline anyone could imagine, and englobed by the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park which is the most beautiful landscape in Portugal, known to be World Heritage Sight.

We are aware though, that other regions such as the Algarve in the South of Portugal and Oporto in the North are now also targeted by buyers internationally. Considering the weather, with almost 300 days of sunshine in our specific area, anywhere by the waterfront (seaside, lake view…) is luxury.

7. What type of luxury real estate is in demand?

Our Luxury clients will be looking into gated communities or family homes set on the best locations in Cascais and Sintra, with plots big enough to entertain. This is actually a reality all over Portugal when referring to what type of real estate is in demand.

8. What are the trends to watch in the luxury real estate market in Portugal?

For us it is clear that foreign luxury buyers will be looking at the low density areas as an option to invest.

Also as the luxury digital nomads are a rising class, that, contrary to their predesessors, are looking for more. The emerging class of digital nomads are turning to luxury as their income hits six figures and are location independant, and this is a new trend for the luxury market.

9. What are the challenges ahead for the luxury real estate market in the coming year?

The lack of inventory is definitely a challenge, as with everywhere else in the World with healthy Real Estate Markets at the moment.

10. How do you plan to anticipate these challenges with Spazio?

Our goal is collaboration. We are working and teaming up with various promotors that will give us full access to inventory, and pursuing all means to reach sellers that are motivated to sell property with cooperative, interactive agents and offices, such as ours.

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