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November 28, 2020

The Royal Senchi Hotel & Resort – The best riverfront hotel in Africa

If you want to enjoy the greenery of the hinterland and stay connected to the abundance of nature, a stay at the luxurious Royal Senchi Hotel & Resort near Akosombo is a must. The Hotel, developed on a 35-acre stretch of lush greenery along the Volta Lake, is the Winner of the World Luxury Hotel Award’s 2020 Best Riverfront Hotel in Africa Award and has become West Africa’s most romantic hotel destination.

It is endowed with a blend of fauna, flora, traditional architecture and modernity of the highest standards, making it an ideal venue for absolute relaxation, but also for corporate meetings, conferences, and a cruise on Ghana’s largest lake, Lake Volta.

With more than 80 rooms and suites specially designed for a blissful experience of the refreshing environment and commanding views that surround it, each luxury dwelling boasts of a distinctive tribal-meets-elegance décor which makes one’s stay a treat for the senses.

It is the only Hotel in Ghana known to own a 35-acre private island which accords guests a walking trail, an opportunity to see birds of various species, trees that have been professionally labelled with their scientific names, uses, and medicinal values, and an iconic picnic spot on the island for euphoric team bonding sessions and family day-outs.

The Royal Senchi Hotel & Resort, since its inception, has won many awards over the years; including World Travel Award’s Hotel of the year, Ghana Tourism Authority’s Hotel of the Year, Ghana Business Award’s Most Indigenous Facility, GUBA’s Tourism Facility of the year, and the Ghana Hoteliers Association’s Green Hotel of the Year.

Well known for its international standard facilities and services that make it a completely convenient and enjoyable experience for business and leisure, the Royal Senchi Hotel & Resort boasts of cosy restaurants, bars, and an exceptional premium lounge with a wide range of gastronomic delights; swimming pools, a fitness centre, spa and salon, kids and adult’s playgrounds, a unique driving range, a night golf facility and tennis courts; all maintained to suit international luxury resort standards.

Source: The Royal Senchi Hotel & Resort.

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Edited by Annie-Flora Mills for Luxuria Lifestyle Ghana

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