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February 29, 2024

The Ultimate Packing Guide for Your First Cruise

Going on a cruise is a luxury experience that is on many travellers’ bucket lists. Travelling by water is one of the best ways to see the most iconic and exotic destinations and cruise itineraries are typically jam-packed with a wide selection of exciting activities. But that raises a lot of questions about what you need to bring along with you.

Luckily, you can buy pretty much everything you need whilst on board newbie excursions such as P&O cruises but it’s always good to be prepared. Here is the ultimate packing guide for your first cruise.


The beauty of a cruise is that you get to experience multiple destinations all in one holiday, but it also means you’re likely going to do a fair bit of walking. You’ll need a range of footwear to keep you comfortable throughout your trip.

Sliders or flip-flops are a must for around the pool or on the beach. A pair of nice sandals will be perfect for your evening attire, while some comfy trainers will work for any exploring you do in the daytime.

Day clothes

Cruises usually offer a wide variety of activities to take part in during the day so you will want to pack different options. From water aerobics in the onboard swimming pools to scavenger hunts and bingo games, there is a lot you could end up doing and you want to be comfortable throughout.

Some classic holiday staples will always come in handy, such as sun hats, tote bags and swimming costumes. If you’re travelling to a hot climate, a good rule of thumb is to avoid heavy clothes like jeans or cargo shorts and opt for light, airy materials like linen and cotton. These will keep you cool whatever activity is on your itinerary.

Evening attire

Evenings on a cruise are often formal, so you’ll want to bring a few nice outfits to wear once the sun sets. Whether it’s a themed night or an elegant dinner, the evening is a great opportunity to get dressed up and take some photos.
Normally, women wear long flowy dresses while men look dapper in chinos. You can find out the itinerary and dress code for your particular cruise by doing some research beforehand. Be sure to read through all the information provided to ensure that you’re not caught out without the right clothing options.

Health products

Motion sickness or seasickness can be common for travellers embarking on their first cruise and an uncomfortable experience if left untreated. People often report feeling dizzy and nauseous, but this can often be treated with anti-seasick medication or travel bands.

Remember to pack all the other medications you take regularly, alongside allergy tablets. Sunscreen will be vital on your cruise so be sure to pack lots beforehand or visit a shop when stopping off at one of your destinations to stock up. Sunglasses and sun hats will make the heat and sun more bearable for you as well.

Travel essentials

There are some travelling essentials that you should always carry with you during every excursion, cruise or not. Hand sanitiser and reusable water bottles always come in handy when travelling and will help to keep you healthy and dehydrated during your travels.

Snacks, something to read and a travel pillow will keep you comfortable and occupied during any connecting travel you need to do, whether that’s catching a flight to get to the port you’re embarking from or if you’re on your way back to the UK.

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