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July 20, 2020

The Underrated Luxury of Southampton

Southampton is famous for its possession of the UK’s second-largest port, a vibrant university community and a celebrated football club. It also has an enviable appeal as a place to live or work. In fact, the city has consistently ranked among the top ten friendliest UK cities. But most importantly, the city also has a lot to offer for luxury home seekers.

When in Southampton, visitors and residents can prepare to be blown away by an amazing cocktail of splendid atmosphere and extravagant entertainment such as the majestic and historic Mayflower Theatre. But its luxurious property gems come out on top when it comes to the iconic features that characterise Southampton. Without a doubt, Southampton has what it takes to support a lavish lifestyle.

Luxurious Southampton Hideaways

Believe it or not, Southampton is home to some absolutely gorgeous luxury vacation spots which means of course that luxury vacation real estate is among the hidden gems in Southampton. Topping the list is the Southampton Harbour Hotel and Spa located in the Hampshire region. Guests can indulge in activities such as relaxing in the hot tub or sauna or taking a swim in the pool or enjoying the magnificent views of the marina or the city.

Another perfect place for luxury vacation seekers is the Southampton Hometel located just 1.2 Km out of Southampton’s famous Guildhall and 1.4 km from the world-renowned Mayflower Theatre. Guests here enjoy a state of the art fitness centre, room service and free Wi-Fi on the property among other amenities.

A pristine environment with immaculately kept amenities awaits you at the Regent Guest House, a gorgeous accommodation with modernized 15th-century architectural features. With convenient room service, free access to Wi-Fi for all guests, modern and eclectic room details and close proximity to the cruise terminals The Regent Guest House is a superb option for people who want to enjoy the best that Southampton has to offer.

Other great luxury accommodations for a splendid getaway in Southampton include Smart Apartments-Empress Heights, Pilgrim Inn, Ennios Boutique Hotel and Alcantara Guest House.

Luxury Southampton Properties

Property buyers who are aiming for resplendent living spaces will definitely find what they seek in Southampton. On the flip-side, if you’re currently a Southampton homeowner, there are great opportunities to sell your Southampton house fast to relocate. Reputable property-buyers like Open Property Group, who specialise in buying all types of houses in Southampton, will allow you to relocate to some of the most sought-after streets in the city.

To find the absolute best in high-end luxury property you need to be looking at five Southampton streets in particular. Those streets are; Hook Park Road, and Cowes Lane, in Warsash, Southampton, Lands End Road, Bursledon, Curbridge, Botley, and Pinelands Road, Chilworth. Of course, the high-level luxury meters maintained by these streets also translates into higher prices for those properties. Buyers can expect quotes ranging from £1,276,075 to £249,093 but the value reaped in luxurious living is worth it.

Undoubtedly if you’re seeking a luxurious way of life, the top shelf amenities, top-class entertainment and spectacular atmosphere in Southampton will deliver perfectly.

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