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June 1, 2022

Tips for Adding Luxury to Your Travels

You don’t have to be rich to add some luxury to your lifestyle, and that includes when you travel. Traveling on a budget can be great, but sometimes, you just want to splurge. If you don’t normally go for luxury, then you want to do it right and make the best choice. Below are a few things to consider.

Go By Train

When you think about travel, you probably think about getting from point A to point B as quickly as possible, and that means flying, or does it? Flying is not only not necessarily the fastest way to get from one place to another when you factor in the time to get to and from the airport and through security, but it can also be unpleasant. Consider traveling by train instead. On a longer journey, you can book a sleeping car and go in style. On a shorter journey, travel first class. The DC to NYC train offers a number of amenities for first class passengers, from priority boarding to complimentary food, access to private lounges in stations and more. It’s a great trip that takes you from the political heart of the country to the financial and cultural heart with style and ease.

Go Out of Season

You may be surprised at the luxuries that are within reach when you travel during the off season. Prices drop, and you may be able to get accommodations of a standard you could not have afforded during the high season. In some places, the drop may be substantial, with vacation home owners charging the same to rent their place for a month that they would for a week at a more popular time of year. With the money that you save on accommodations, you may be able to splash out on an expensive restaurant or other indulgences. Not to mention you can also then enjoy a luxe staycation at home during the in-season times that you are not traveling.

Go Off the Beaten Path

Italy can be expensive, but have you considered Croatia? It has some similar architecture and ancient history, and the food is terrific, but you can live large there for much less. You can also look for less expensive alternatives within a country. You’ll spend a lot more in London than you will for the same standards in a beautiful northern city like York. One thing to keep in mind is that thanks to social media and the internet in general, there are fewer off the beaten path places than there used to be. However, talk to locals and other travelers in real life, not online, and you’ll hear about some still undiscovered gems.

Take Advantage of Points and Other Perks

As long as you can pay off your balance each month, it’s a great idea to use your credit card as much as possible in order to accumulate points or cash back. You can then use this when you travel. You should also sign up for any frequent flyer programs you are eligible for. Use those points to upgrade to business class or first class. Pay attention to various types of memberships or programs you can pay a small fee for that give you access to such things as VIP lounges and other advantages.

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