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March 15, 2021

Tips for Remodelling Your Bathroom

Remodelling or renovating your bathroom is not as easy as we think, even if we have something as a plan in our mind we need to start somewhere or the other. Deciding where to start and what all to include is a confusing job when you have seen or thought of lot of options or benchmarks. Here are few tips to consider while thinking about renovating your bathroom:

Choose the right colour

It’s very important to get the right colour for your bathroom, something that matches your ideas and imagination and gives you a perfect bathroom for relaxed bath and grooming. Soft grey, charcoal, light green, light blue, bright white, brown etc are the most picked colours for the bathrooms which gives your bathroom a posh look.

Patterns and theme

With the right colour and look you should be considering things and accessories matching to your theme to have a nicely designed bathroom. An elegant bathroom is a combination of various things brought together with the same theme and patterns in mind.


The most important thing to talk about is to get the shower, a best fit for your bathroom is something that would match your imaginations but also it depends on your need, the shower location, your bath space, budget etc. you should have a picture in your mind to stick to it and think about the options available within your budget.


Choosing the right flooring could make your bathroom look way different from what you can think of. Though it’s not the most important thing, still you can make it look important with a smart choice.


Tiles are thought to be the least important thing as most of us try to keep them plain and simple. However, it makes a huge impact on the look and feel of your bathroom which makes choosing the tiles a wiser decision as it could make a lot of difference and give a different direction to your dream bathroom.


It’s Important to think about the sink and mirror while considering other things as that’s going to be a place you would be spending your time after grooming and watching your beauty.

Shelving and Storage

Most commonly people use shelving beneath the sink which could be a good place to store things but there are other different ways to have the shelving without reducing the storage space for the plants or the toiletries to store.


Thinking about the storage you also need to reconsider your bathtub if it’s an old style one placed under an area with tiles around it. There are loads of new sleek bathtubs which could save the space and give you a new lavish look to your newly modified

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