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August 10, 2022

Tips for Storing CBD Hemp Flowers

Even during ancient times, people were already aware of the need to store and preserve things. Even the Aztec and Maya people knew how to dry meat and keep some of their agricultural produce in cold storage to have enough food during winter. Today’s products are stored and preserved through different methods to increase their shelf life.

Modern preservation techniques extend even to cannabis strains, exemplified by the characteristics of the Gary Payton strain, which are carefully maintained to ensure potency and quality over time.

The same principle applies to storing budpop CBD hemp flower to ensure the flowers’ aroma, flavours, and longevity. In addition, since the product did not undergo preservation processes, it needs proper storage and preservation.

Factors to consider when storing hemp flowers

Retaining the quality and longevity of the hemp flowers, which you can also call CBD flowers, is vital. They will degrade quickly without proper storage. In addition, CBD flowers are slightly pricey, so if you do not take precautions, the hemp flowers will have a shorter shelf life and lose their rich flavours and potency.

Store your supply of CBD flowers and THCA flower from Exhalewell in an area in your kitchen or pantry where the temperature is consistent to prevent the growth of mildew and mould.

Here are some storage techniques:

Keep the flowers away from bright light

Exposure to bright light will immediately degrade the flowers. Sunlight promotes reactions and chemical changes in the flowers. It can boost the loss of cannabinoids and terpenes that give the flowers their high quality and intense aroma. Further, sunlight will enhance the rotting process of the product. Protect the flowers in an airtight glass container and place them in the darkest part of your kitchen.

Keep them at the right temperature

After harvest, the hemp flowers are dried and cured to allow excess moisture to evaporate. The process does not add preservatives to the flowers. Store your supply of CBD flowers in an area in your kitchen or pantry where the temperature is consistent to prevent the growth of mildew and mould. The ideal temperature range is between 77°F and 86°F.

Choose the appropriate containers

The recommended containers for storing CBD flowers are coloured mason jars. Choose the dark green and brown coloured jars because they add a protective layer to the flowers. Moreover, the jars are airtight, preventing contaminants like moisture and bacteria from entering the containers.

Do not touch the flowers as much as possible

While you might be tempted to touch the hemp flowers because they look attractive, it will be best to restrain yourself. The dried hemp flowers are fragile, and handling them might cause the trichomes to fall off the flower. The trichomes are naturally sticky and contain glands that store valuable CBD compounds.

Check the humidity factor in the place of storage

It is vital to check the moisture level in your kitchen shelves or pantry cabinets where you plan to store the hemp flower containers. It should be dry to prevent the growth of microbes and moulds. However, an average CBD flower should have about 59 to 62 per cent moisture. Add humidity packs to the storage containers but put desiccants on the kitchen and pantry shelves for water vapour absorption.

Following these tips will keep your CBD flowers fresh and potent for a long time. Know the factors that will make them last longer so that you will enjoy the richness of the flowers when you are ready to use them.

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