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June 10, 2022

Tips to add a luxurious vibe to your bathroom under a budget

A bathroom is the second costliest place in your home after the kitchen. Most people skip spending money on their bathrooms because it needs a huge budget. But you’d be glad to know that you can make the bathroom look luxe and wonderful without completely renovating it. You can add various things to your bathroom to give a luxurious vibe. If you do not want a new bathtub or a new shower, you are good to go under a budget. This article mentions some tried and tested tips that help your shower room become the best room in your home.

How can you amp up the look of your shower room?

Understanding that you need not to burn a hole in your pocket to make the changes is critical. If you live in a rented apartment or do not want to spend much, you can connect with professionals to understand minimal bathroom remodels, such as upgrading the storage and bath mats and changing the taps. They are small changes but greatly affect the overall look of your shower room. You can consider the following tips while planning the changes:

Add seating

One of the most common characteristics of high-end baths is the availability of a seat other than the WC. Depending on your budget and the shower room’s look, you can keep a garden tool, armchair, or a tufted ottoman. A seat helps add depth to the bath and makes a well-balanced view. It will instantly amp up the look and also makes you feel grand. Hah! Why complete your pedicure sitting on the toilet seat when you can use your throne?

Brass is your go-to solution

Choose brass if you want to do the bare minimum to amp up the look. You do not have to change all; the faucets and door handles. Instead, you can pick small things like bringing in a brass holder for brushes or a soap dispenser. Hardware is meant to bring newness and a luxe vibe to any place. So, connect with a professional remodeler and discuss how you can get brass into your bath.

Contain the stuff

Declutter the countertops for an instantly neat experience. Have you ever wondered what makes a bathroom luxurious? Apart from adding multiple things, keeping things contained and minimal is the mantra. Do not keep things in the open. For instance, use a soap case for storing soaps and keep them in the cabinet. Make cabinets beneath the wash basin to store toiletries. You can prepare a fancy cabinet and rack to place towels there. Some people like hanging towels, while others like to stack them in a frame. No matter what style you choose, ensure a minimal display of the toiletries.

Add a bathtub tray

Adding a bathtub tray is a small gesture to bring in the luxe vibe. You can place it in the center of the tub or on the side. Decorate the tray with fresh flowers and make your bath look like a luxurious spa.

Final Words

Before adding or deducting things from your shower room, you should understand the basic characteristics of a luxurious bathroom. It will become easier to make changes when you know what kind of upgrade you want in the bath. Adding fresh flowers, scented candles, and keeping things decluttered are the basics of giving a luxe vibe.

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