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November 9, 2022

Tis The Season: Luxury Gift Ideas for Women

Read on to learn which luxurious items are worth splurging on for women.

Everybody loves a good bargain, and the prices of gifts can add up during the festive season. But saving up and splurging on luxury items for yourself or a loved one, especially something that may have been on your wish list for a while, is a good feeling that is hard to beat.

Whether you want to go big on designer clothes, dazzling jewellery, or luxurious caftans, spending that little bit extra to be spoilt is well worth the cost. We all deserve it in the end.

Leather Handbag

The epitome of chic, a leather handbag is a must-have for all ladies. Not only does leather get better with age, but you also have a handbag option that matches your entire wardrobe. Leather handbags are investment pieces and come with a hefty price tag, but with the correct maintenance, they will last a lifetime.

If you feel uncomfortable buying a genuine leather bag, high-quality faux leather options are equally as stylish and nearly impossible to pick out as faux.

Tennis Bracelet

This one might take a little convincing to splurge on, but a tennis bracelet is the ultimate investment piece for jewellery and will stand the test of time. While the traditional style has also been made with diamonds, you can choose from a wide range of different stones and metals to suit your taste and budget.

Cocktail Machine

Coffee machines were created not only to simplify the process of something we do every day but also to allow us to make the coffee we could only find in restaurants. Imagine a machine that does the same thing but with your favourite alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktail drinks.

These clever machines perfectly recreate your favourite mixes from the comfort of your own home. So if you regularly host dinner parties or enjoy a drink at the end of the day, this item will become a firm favourite.

Cashmere Slippers

After a long day at work, walking around and standing in your work shoes or fashion heels, we are all very familiar with the feeling of coming home and switching to your house slippers.

If you are a regular wearer, upgrading to a pair of cashmere slippers will be heaven-sent. They are ultra-soft and exceptionally cosy, making this loungewear item the perfect gift.

Dyson Super Sonic Hairdryer

No gift list is complete without a Dyson. This high-quality hair styler has soared in popularity over the past few years, with good reason. With features like fast-drying and heat shield technology, intelligent heat control, and five attachments for styling, this one item can replace every other hair tool you own.

This product comes at a cost and is best suited for longer and slightly thicker hair, but it will cut down time and the need for additional tools, paying for itself in the end.

At-Home Laser Hair Removal Device

Hair removal is an entirely personal choice. But if you choose to do it, at-home laser devices will be a big hit. These devices are incredibly easy to use and relatively painless, and you save a ton of money doing it yourself.

The most important thing is to read the instructions. Make sure you know how the product works and the hazards that can come with it, and follow the steps correctly. With a little bit of patience, the results will make you very happy.

La Mer Creme Moisturiser

Whether your skin-care routine contains three or ten steps, some items are necessary for all skin types. One of those items is a good-quality moisturiser. If you have dry skin, you need something that will breathe new life into it, and if you have oily skin, you want something that won’t exacerbate the issue further.

La Mer Creme Moisturiser has a high price tag but is worth every cent. This cult favourite contains the brand’s signature ingredient, cell-renewing miracle broth, which will help your skin feel firmer, look more lifted and have visibly diminished lines and wrinkles.

Egyptian Cotton Bed Linen

It is the end of a tough day, and finally, time to crawl into bed. Now imagine that the mattress is adorned with luxurious Egyptian cotton linen. This product is an absolute game-changer and will alter how you sleep in the best possible way.

Made with hand-picked cotton to guarantee purity, Egyptian cotton is more breathable, moisture-wicking and absorbent than regular cotton. This helps to regulate body temperature, providing the perfect sleeping conditions all year round.


There are many reasons people choose to wear make-up. It is a great way to express your creativity or achieve a look you might not naturally have. Whatever your reason is, if you regularly purchase make-up, you will know the price and quality can rise quite steeply from brand to brand.

Considering this is something you are putting directly onto your face, you want to be able to trust that the ingredients aren’t harmful, so spending that bit extra will give you peace of mind with every application. If you plan to buy make-up as a gift, take some time to understand that person’s likes and dislikes to avoid purchasing an item that will go to waste.

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