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March 2, 2021

Top 10 Hublot’s in 2020 by Zakaa

In 2020, whilst time seemed to stand still and the world as we knew it crumbled, we discovered new passions, were reminded of old forgotten passions and of timeless passions. Indeed time is the true luxury but of as all passions cannot be resisted, the unique and insatiable passion of watches and watch collection was one major passion Deremi Ajidahun, Zakaa CEO continued to sustain despite the worldwide restriction.

In an interview with World Tempus, the Online Swiss watch authority, the Zakaa CEO Deremi Ajidahun; shared his top 10 Hublot watches in 2020. We can genuinely say that his picks clearly show why he is why his business has maintained the top spot in luxury timepiece retail in Nigeria. His picks depicts the style, class and mannerism of a true watch aficionado. In no particular order, his picks are below:

Big Bang Sang Bleu II All Black (Ref: 418.CX.1114.RX.MXM20)

Deremi Ajidahun (DA): A stunning limited edition piece! It was extremely difficult to get any allocation for this model, but the ones we received sold out immediately.

Big Bang Sorai (Ref: 411.CZ.4620.NR.SOA19)

DA: I personally waited months for this piece. It’s beautiful, elegant to the eye and the cause of Save The Rhino is very dear to my heart.

Big Bang One Click King Gold Ladies (Ref: 465.OX.1180.RX.1604)

DA: The One Click system has been a winner from day one! And I found that clients kept coming back for this striking combination.

Classic Fusion Orlinski (Ref: 550.OS.1800.RX.1804.ORL19)

DA: Quite simply, Hublot x Orlinski is sold out!!!

Classic Fusion Titanium Gray Dial (Ref: 511.NX.7071.LR)

DA: Simply the number one selling piece in our boutique. Totally represents the name Classic Fusion! Not to mention the excellent price point.

Spirit of Big Bang King Gold Blue (Ref: 641.OX.7180.LR)

DA: I personally have the 45mm version which I have thoroughly enjoyed since day one. It’s a monster but I just love the amazing fit and new feeling of the 42mm. It has proven extremely popular.

Big Bang Unico Integral Titanium (Ref: 451.NX.1170.NX)

DA: Simply the most comfortable bracelet watch on the market. And, boy, does it look good and feel great!

Big Bang Unico Integral All Black (Ref: 451.CX.1140.CX)

DA: All Black is always strong, bold, powerful and beautiful!

Spirit of Big Bang Meca 10 Black Magic (Ref: 614.CI.1170.RX)

DA: The Big Bang Meca 10 was already a winner! And now to bring to life the spirit of BB combined with the One Click system, it’s a must have!

Spirit of Big Bang King Gold Blue (Ref: 665.OX.7180.CR.1204)

DA: It took a while for this particular collection to wear on me, but the moment I saw this deep blue and king gold combination, I and my clients have been won over time and time again. A top seller.

Excerpt from World Tempus: Excerpt from World Tempus

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