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December 24, 2020

Top 4 places to charter a private yacht

You can charter a private yacht in a number of alluring destinations worldwide, each of which has something different to offer.

If you are overwhelmed by the options, narrow down your list by checking out this quick overview of the best places to book your next yacht charter.


If you are looking for fun in the sun in a modern city with an incredible nightlife scene and a truly stunning coastline to explore, then beautiful Miami yachting charters will tick all of the boxes.

You can spend your days basking in the rays and taking dips in the inviting blue waters, then drop anchor and head to the heart of the party capital of Florida in the evenings, where fine dining and celebrity-grade clubbing are par for the course.
Longer trips can take in the nearby keys of Biscayne and Virginia, proving that there is a lot more to Miami than sheen and shimmer.


The Mediterranean is a yachting paradise in many respects, putting the best of Southern Europe at your fingertips and letting you enjoy jaw-dropping oceanic vistas, amazing food and incredible people.

Sicily, an island that sits off the toe of Italy’s iconic boot, is arguably at the top of the ladder in terms of Mediterranean destinations for yacht charter. It is perfectly positioned to provide you with easy access to other nearby islands and is also home to its own array of world-class beaches and unforgettable sights.


While Sicily is an established part of the Mediterranean’s yacht scene, Croatia is very much the up and coming counterpart that is still somewhat undiscovered while still boasting top resorts. This means that it is worth getting in sooner rather than later and giving it a chance before it becomes just as over-subscribed as some of its better-known contemporaries.

The city of Split is a great starting point, with impressive architecture, compelling culture and of course gorgeous waters in which to lose yourself. There are also the Dalmatian islands to use as the framework for your journey, in which you can root out tucked-away bays and isolated coves away from the crowds.

Saint Martin

Yachting in the Caribbean is a dream vacation concept for plenty of people, but you still need to pick the right place to visit, or else reality might not live up to the lofty expectations you have nurtured.

Saint Martin is a good place to kick things off, whether or not you decide to head further afield and check out nearby St Barths. It is replete with white sand beaches, exotic underwater wildlife that is ideal for snorkelling sessions, and of course a healthy dose of bars and restaurants in the more populous settlements.

Wherever you decide to charter a private yacht, be sure to plan in advance and prepare thoroughly to make the most of the experience. These destinations will give you a good head start, but preparedness is the only surefire way to have fun.

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