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August 14, 2022

Top 5 most worth seeing places to travel on the Earth

The world is filled to the brim with fantastic landscapes, exotic animals, rich cultures, breathtaking architecture, and so much more. While it’s not entirely impossible to visit every single country, there are notable places you simply MUST check out. And since travelling is a luxury, we must plan it well. Finding the right destination can become tricky; you look at what will work for your budget first, then also check if the overall experience will be fulfilling. And if you are one of the lucky few, you get to travel all over the world on a charter plane. This is a list of the top destinations you simply must visit.

Cape Town, South Africa

Arguably the best place in Africa, Cape Town is situated at the tip of the continent and forms part of the Western Cape in South Africa. SA is divided into nine provinces, with the Western Cape often boasting the best with the likes of Cape Town. But what makes this place so special? Well, the food, the fact that it’s multicultural, the landscape, the sites, the people, and more. When you first arrive at the Cape of Good Hope, you will be greeted by the iconic Table Mountain. Fun fact, Table Mountain, or as the locals call it in Afrikaans (one of SA’s official languages), Tafelberg, is called Table Mountain because it resembles a table. And even more so when the scary South-Easter wind brings the tablecloth look with its cloud cover.

The city is also filled with loads of food. One such dish is a local delicacy that’s called the Gatsby. It consists of a long roll, fries (locals call it slap tjips [chips]), masala steak, and salads. The idea spawned from a takeaway store on the outskirts of the city, where the owner noticed a group of workers putting fries on a few slices of bread then eating them. The owner then came up with the Gatsby. It’s been part of the city for more than 40 years.

Furthermore, you can visit some insane beaches, see and experience the Winelands (SA has the best wine in the world), and even see the cute penguin colony. Cape Town almost always appears on the best city in the world list, too, so you know it is an icon.

Bangkok, Thailand

We know that everyone says Phuket is the Thai destination you simply must visit, but Bangkok is equally as impressive. Thailand is a melting pot of culture. and Bangkok captures that very essence. What makes this city amazing? Well, the people. The people are extremely friendly and super helpful. The locals are very much in tune with what tourists like, and this is what gives this city a unique spin. They will tell you exactly what you are after, and you’ll be amazed at how accurate they are.

Some of the more iconic sites include the various floating markets around the city, the Grand Palace, Wat Phra Kaew Temple, and so much more. If you are looking for an experience of a lifetime, visiting any of the floating markets will do the trick. Picture this; you are sitting inside a canoe-like structure, travelling to different shops around a river. You will see people living all along the banks, and exotic animals such as Monitor lizards, AND you can stop off and buy some food. ICONIC.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

This South American beauty is known for its malbec wine, leather industry, and legendary steaks – recently, a luxury leather goods brand opened its first US store. It was also home to the late football god, Diego Maradona – who is worshipped throughout the city. An interesting thing to note here is that most young people are employed, seen working in retail stores and fast-food joints, while the older generations are seen living their lives. Furthermore, the city is relatively safe and offers a range of activities. One of which is visiting and catching a football game at the Boca Juniors Stadium in La Boca. And right next door, you will find one of the city’s oldest restaurants, Don Carlos.

The head chef and owner at Don Carlos will serve you anything he likes. It can be steak, deep-fried mozzarella, and anything else; it’s a surprise, a great one. The establishment has also been visited by world-famous people such as the late Anthony Bourdain, Gwyneth Paltrow, and more.

Dubai, UAE

No matter where you live in the world and where you’ve been to, you must have been in transit in Dubai one time or the other. And contrary to the widespread belief that Dubai is for the rich and famous, this Arab country is very much open to anyone who wants to visit it. So, what is it about this destination that makes people come back for more? Is it the super-fast public transport? Or the fact that this is one of the safest cities in the world? Or that Westerners are allowed to enjoy themselves – still within the confines of the law? It’s a combination and then some.

Let’s look at the desert. Did you know that you can explore the desert? Well, in Dubai, you can. What’s more is that you will get to experience a full Arab desert adventure with belly dancers, camels, and authentic food. Furthermore, the city boasts two iconic malls, one where you can physically buy a luxury car – impressive and totally on brand.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Christ the Redeemer, churrascaria, caipirinha, Copacabana beach… These are all synonymous with the quintessential South American city known as Rio. Everything in this city makes it worth a visit. The insane coastline with lukewarm waters and soft sand, the idyllic views from Sugarloaf Mountain, plus the colourful Rio Carnival? There is nothing Rio cannot do. If you are after a cultural experience filled with history, food, and warm and friendly people, Rio is the one for you. PS. Don’t forget to pack your bathing suit!

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