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December 20, 2021

Top 5 UK Wedding and Honeymoon Destinations in One

For destination wedding enthusiasts, the venue is the life and soul of the entire milestone event. It doubles up as a place to hold the ceremony and the reception against a scenic background and as the honeymoon site. But here’s some good news – you don’t have to go far to locate some of the most picturesque destinations. The United Kingdom has a handful of gorgeous locations to suit every wedding and honeymoon style!

What makes the perfect location?

With the countless wedding styles as of late, there is always a great venue to match. So, whether you are craving for a backdrop of the seashore or a handsomely manicured garden, you can easily find the picture-perfect location to breathe life into your dream wedding.

What is the best wedding and honeymoon venue like? First, it has the looks and feel that match the vibe of your event. Your wedding theme may dictate that vibe, so you must finalise it before scouting for potential wedding venues. You must also consider how you would like to spend your first few days as a married couple. Since you will be holding your honeymoon in the same spot, it should complement your plans outright. Second, it should conveniently accommodate your number of guests. And third, it must be right on the budget.

If you do not want to have a hard time looking for the perfect wedding and honeymoon venue, you may leave the task of collating options with your wedding planner. On the other hand, skilled professionals like those at House of Party Planning understand the needs and every wish of marrying couples and know how to fulfil them one by one. This includes planning the event from start to finish and coordinating with various suppliers. But you have to give them specifics to locate the perfect location and all your wishes that will make your big day have that extra glitter.

Otherwise, you may take a peek at this listing and see how the venues suit your fancy!

1. The Ritz

If you are to go the luxurious path, The Ritz in London is one of the best places to put up a show. This famous landmark has an exquisite vibe. The interiors are attached with a wedding-perfect tag in every corner. It has the most dramatic background for beautiful snapshots and a grand ballroom that can gorgeously host your reception. After all the merriment, the newly wedded couple may go straight to a plush hotel room and spend their honeymoon at the heart of the city.

2. Fulham Palace

Another favourite wedding and honeymoon destination in London is this stunning piece of historical art. The Fulham Palace is also located in London and comes with all the necessities marrying couples might require. It has large and versatile event rooms, plus the perfect vibe well suited for a honeymoon heaven.

3. Gilpin Hotel and Lake House

A venue at a quintessential lake district is mesmerising. It offers the best view of the waters, the lakefront, and the surrounding community. It also has a vast space to accommodate even the craziest wedding themes and setup. After stepping down the aisle as a married couple, you may commence your honeymoon in any of its collections of suites, surrounded by amenities that will allow you the time of your lives—a spa, indoor swimming pool, and countless spaces for relaxing.

4. Gwel an Mor

If you plan a laidback country wedding, this is the best place to be. It has that glamourous countryside vibe but is not short of luxurious amenities. You can comfortably host your grand wedding in the structure without trouble. Then, you may switch instantly as giggly honeymooners while you enjoy your luxury lodge offering a view of the Atlantic Ocean. Spend your honeymoon holidays well in this venue that also has a spa, heated indoor pool, and ocean-view restaurant at your disposal.

5. Leeds Castle

If you want to feel like royalty on your wedding day, Leeds Castle is the place to be. It will feed your royalty wishes perfectly with its idyllic vibe that works right no matter what type of season you wish to exchange “I do”. If the lavish venue looks fitting for marrying like a prince or princess, its honeymoon spots are also extraordinary. The holiday cottages are the talk of the town.

For most people, a wedding happens only once. That’s why it is worth giving it your all if you have the money for it. Take your big day to a destination that feeds your fantasies. Your collection of fond memories and beautiful snapshots are to be cherished forever.

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