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February 3, 2022

Top Things to Consider in Hiring a Luxury Event Planner

Throwing a luxurious party, whether it’s for your birthday, anniversary, or other special occasions, entails thorough planning and a lot of work. You need to consider everything, from the venue to food and entertainment, to ensure that the party will be enjoyable and memorable for the guests. You may not have an issue with the budget, but if your schedule is tight due to various commitments, you can get the help of a professional event planner to do the hard work for you.

Of course, they will still need to coordinate closely with you to ensure that they get all the details you need. Not all event planners are equal, so you need to consider various factors in choosing the right service provider. This is to ensure that you achieve the luxurious party you have in mind, and that the overall process will be stress-free.

Ask for recommendations

If you have trusted people who hosted luxurious events before, ask for their recommendations. They experienced it first hand, so you will get great insights from them. Plus, you will know which service providers to consider and which to cross out from your list. If these credible people were satisfied with the provider’s service, you probably would have the same positive experience. You will find the best party planner on a reputable event supplier site that specialises in luxury events for this type of occasion. Besides an event planner, you will also find other service providers that you might need for your party, like makeup artists and performers.

Interview those in your final list

Shortlist your options and interview them. It will give you a feel of how it would be like to deal with them. Since you will work closely with your chosen provider, it’s essential that you feel comfortable dealing with them. If the vibe is off on the initial interview, you may want to keep looking. Prepare the questions you have about their history, experience, services they specialise in, and anything that concerns their service. A professional, luxurious event planner would be happy and willing to answer your questions.

Request their portfolio

Any service provider would say they are the best in their field. Let their previous works speak for what they can do. Their portfolio will give you an idea about the quality of their service and if their style matches yours. Request the photos or videos of events that they worked on.

Find out what previous clients say about them

If the recommendations are from people you know, you could get their feedback directly. However, if these are companies you found by other means, reading reviews about their service will help you better know them. Visit their site and third-party review sites. Social media platforms are also great sites to check out.

Choose an insured provider

Find an event planner with insurance, so you will be covered for unforeseen circumstances like accidents or safety hazards.

Once you choose the event planner for your luxurious party, talk to them about the details and ensure you are on the same page. Get a contract that states everything covered in the service too.

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