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February 28, 2022

Top Tier Formula 1 Drivers Live in Abundant Luxury

Being one of the greatest F1 drivers that ever lived certainly has its perks. This is evidenced in no better way than when you look at seven-time world champion driver Lewis Hamilton and his riches. The Brit can be spotted in a Mercedes Benz G63 AMG, G-Wagon or a GLC SUV when he’s not burning rubber on the track. Hamilton’s net worth is estimated at around $260m with a wage of around $46m.

He has surpassed the riches of some of the biggest British athletes in the world such as Anthony Joshua and Gareth Bale. Aside from his luxury car collection he also boasts an $18m London mansion, a $16m bombardier challenger jet and numerous residences in New York and Monaco.

Hamilton holds the record as the driver with most pole positions (101), races won (over 100 victories), and was tied for most F1 titles with legendary Danish driver Michael Schumacher at the beginning of last season. He was expected to finally claim the undisputed record in 2021 with F1 odds touting Hamilton as the favourite to win the title. However, with it going down to the wire, he eventually lost in dramatic and controversial fashion to Max Verstappen. The Dutch driver pipped Hamilton at the post to claim his first-ever championship and ensure what is expected to be a very exciting career.

Verstappen is worth a pretty penny himself, too. He can be seen driving around in one of his three Aston Martins. including the James Bond-inspired DB11. He is soon to add another to his collection in the Valkyrie, a 6.5-litre V12 hypercar priced at about US$2.7 million, according to media reports.

Whilst not quite earning the riches of Hamilton just yet, the Dutchman still earns a wage of over $21m per year with a net worth of $60m at just 24 years of age. Just like many of his rivals on the grid, Verstappen also owns a home in Monaco. The luxurious penthouse is said to be priced at around 16 million euros. He often shows off the view from his balcony in his Instagram workout videos. With plenty more championship wins insight at such a young age, one can only imagine how much Max could earn by the time he reaches Hamilton’s age who is 14 years his senior.

With some eye-watering prize money up for grabs for championship winners, there is seemingly no end to the number of multimillionaires in formula one. Let’s take a look at some more drivers who are living lives of luxury.

Kimi Räikkönen

With two decades of experience behind him, the Iceman Kimi Räikkönen only recently hung up his driving gloves. At his peak Räikkönen earned over $50m per year, making him one of the highest-paid athletes in the world at the time. His car collection is the envy of petrol heads everywhere with a Rolls Royce Wraith and a Ferrari Enzo to name a few in his garage. The Finnish ace also owns a $22m Swiss Villa along with three homes in Finland and properties in Dubai and Thailand with his fitness model wife Minttu Räikkönen.

Fernando Alonso

With a net worth of $240m, Spanish driver Fernando Alonso has certainly made the most of his illustrious career. Making his formula one debut in the 2001 Australian Grand Prix, Alonso has gone on to win two championships, 98 wins and 32 podium finishes. As well as having an entire museum in Spain dedicated to him complete with some of his finest F1 Cars, his personal collection includes a Nissan GT-R, a Ferrari 458 Italia and a mega-fast McLaren P1. He is the proud owner of a luxury apartment in a 52-story building in Dubai worth a reported $150m along with holiday homes in Switzerland and Oxford.

Sebastien Vettel

Hamilton’s long-time grid-rival Sebastien Vettel dominated the early 2010s, winning four straight championships from 2010-2013. The German driver has notched up 122 podium finishes and 53 wins in his 14-year career earning an annual salary of around $36m. His net worth of $140m can be attributed to an incredible collection of Ferrari supercars which he sold after his move to Aston Martin in 2021. The four-time world champion owns a secluded Swiss Farmhouse property priced at $7m, to keep up his fiercely private family life. He is also known for his collection of retro motorcycles and is often seen travelling to circuits on his bikes.

Formula One is quite clearly one of the most lucrative athletic industries in the world. As we can see, the best drivers are rewarded accordingly, and they are not hesitant to splash the cash on luxury houses and vehicles. With the 2022 F1 Season well within our sights, it remains to be seen who will rake in the prize money in what is set to be yet another awe-inspiring year.

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