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August 17, 2023

Top trends in the luxury yacht industry

The yacht industry is something that is always changing with the times. With more advancements made every day in the world of technology, yachts are becoming more and more dynamic with endless possibilities to make your yacht even more comfortable.

Technology is also transforming the day-to-day run of yachts by helping with navigation and overall management. What’s more, such advancements will see buyers prioritising sustainability and vessels that minimise their impact on the environment.

Increased technology and connectivity

Technology is not only changing the way that yachts are run, but they’re also changing the way they are bought. With useful tools like VR, potential buyers can view a yacht on the other side of the world from the comfort of their living room.

Technology is also improving management systems on board yachts. With so much to coordinate, from the weather prognosis to the navigation, staff and management of extras like swimming pools and spas, technology is automating processes that are vital to owners’ comfort and peace of mind.


The environment is on everybody’s minds and the yacht industry has responded with sustainable models. Such models rely heavily on renewable energy such as solar panels and have water conservation systems, environmentally conscious waste management and automated systems that reduce emissions.

Engineers are also turning their attention to the material used, opting instead for lighter alternatives like aluminium which requires less fuel to get it going. They’re also trying out diesel and electric hybrid engines, meaning that yachts can cross huge swathes of the ocean without burning a lot of fuel.

A great family alternative

Families are seeing the benefits of taking to the seas for their family holidays. Multiple generations are being brought together for uninterrupted quality time on board the yacht.

And that doesn’t mean that families have to shell out lots of cash to buy a yacht; indeed, chartering such a vessel is easy and allows families to plan their own itineraries outside of public transport schedules and fully relax.

Younger buyers

It might seem that a yacht is out of reach for the younger generation, but the yacht industry is seeing many younger clients entering the fold. The Millennial generation is seen to prioritise their environmental impact, opting for modern designs that incorporate alternative energy sources.

With such buyers becoming a core part of the industry, yachts are only going to become more sustainable in the long term.

Custom built

It seems that standard designs won’t cut it anymore with many buyers requesting custom-built yachts to meet all their exact requirements. Those who can afford such a luxury are transforming yachts into second homes which, due to the rise of remote working, can be enjoyed for a sizeable portion of the year.

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