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March 2, 2021

uGlow Tan – ageless tanning water, hydrating the skin

uGlow Tanning Water is to launch into the beauty market, bringing intelligent tanning to the masses.

Arriving on the market after a decade of rigorous development, uGlow Tanning Water is a fuss and mess-free way for people to give a natural glow to their skin. Designed to stand apart from the crowd, it has several advantages over many other tanning products:

* The liquid formula of uGlow Tanning Water prevents any risk of transfer to clothes, and allows make-up to be cleanly applied over the top.

* Its Odour Neutralising Technology ensures it has none of the smell typically associated with fake tan. uGlow Tanning Water is fragrance-free, meaning that perfumes can be worn with them as usual.

* The hyaluronic acid within the product counteracts the drying effect often seen with fake tan products that contain DHA.

* Tailored colour intensity means uGlow Tanning Water works with individual skin tones with ease, no matter how experienced the user is with tanning.

* uGlow Tanning Water is vegan-friendly, containing absolutely no animal or animal-based products.

Fundamentally, uGlow Tanning Water aims to take the fuss out of fake tan, encouraging more people to choose a safer alternative to sunbeds. The product is intended for all ages, and indeed has had fantastic feedback from women all the way up to their 70s. Ease of use is paramount – uGlow Tanning Water is a self tan product that has no downtime, meaning users can simply spritz and go.

Louise Cooper, founder of uGlow Tan, had this to say:

“I have spent ten years researching and creating a lifestyle product that gives us our glow. I am very proud of uGlow Tanning Water; it really is the intelligent way to tan and is the future of the self tan market.”

For more information on uGlow Tanning Water, please visit uGlow Tan

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