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December 17, 2021

Unmissable Luxurious Contemporary Interior Design Trends

Contemporary is where it’s at. Contemporary interior design trends are, by definition, what’s on-trend – whether classic, chic, or modern. Discover more here.

There are many ways to decorate a home – some people prefer to be quirky, some prefer to be traditional, and some go down the ultra-modern group. That’s the beauty of interior design and owning your own home – you have a canvas to fill. One contemporary trend that never dies is the luxurious style – combining modern trends with timeless classics to create rooms that ooze luxury.

Let’s explore some contemporary luxurious interior design trends you don’t want to miss

The Basics Of A Contemporary Style

At the core of a contemporary style is subtle sophistication combined with a uniformed style that’s simplistic yet powerful. Think along the lines of the pristine homes of the Kardashians — you can see a video tour here — and you’ll realise how contemporary is a mix of bold yet subtle interior styles. Think marble floors and eccentric coloured walls to contrast. So, think bold dark colours – black walls contrasting with white countertops in the kitchen (or vice versa) is the perfect example.

Contemporary interior design is much more than the walls and the floor. It’s about creating space yet filling the home with luxurious furnishings that create a sort of uniformed appearance. According to The Spruce, contemporary means directing your attention to the use of colours, space, shapes (as in furnishing) to create fresh yet refined interiors. Think corner sofas that create an open living area by saving space and stylish circle futons to add shape and texture to the room.

Classic Extra Touches

Contemporary is a little bit classic, and some delicate yet beautiful classic touches suit all contemporary luxurious interior design styles. Even the humble lampshade can be the classic extra touch your home needs to achieve a contemporary style with a bold feature – browse statement lampshades at Penny Morrison Lampshades. A classic straight Pembroke shape would look great in any home.

Classic might also come from antique furnishings that also contribute to a contemporary style – a natural, strong oak cabinet being the perfect example. And, it helps contribute to the all-important shape aspect to contemporary styles.

Bringing It All Together

Tie it all together with smaller accessories that complete the room – art is an idea you might wish to explore. Art is a brilliant way to bring life to a room through a painting or drawing. It might be that the art you chose even brings colour to the room. Vibrant art against a bright white wall is very contemporary. A trip to the art gallery will allow you to find the perfect piece for your home.

Don’t forget the power of scents in contemporary design – especially if you want it to ooze luxury. The Jo Malone candles are to die for and a must-have for the winter season. The divine smells would help any home feel luxurious.

Contemporary doesn’t have to be expensive. There are Jo Malone dupe candles, a cabinet at auction can sell for very cheap, and paint is inexpensive to buy. It’s how you combine it all to create that contemporary and luxurious style that matters.

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