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July 7, 2021

Villa Nia 3.3-Born in nature, made in nature – Opening in Summer 2021

Born in nature and made in nature the brand-new Villa Nai 3.3 will open in Summer 2021 on the island of Dugi Otok, Croatia, equidistant from Dubrovnik and Venice. A member of Leading Hotels of the Worldâ, the ultra-luxurious Villa Nai 3.3 has just eight exquisitely designed rooms and suites, created by renowned Croatian architect Nikola Bašić, who gained worldwide notoriety for his innovative Sea Organ in the city of Zadar. By respecting the terrain, Villa Nai 3.3 is a building of unusual geometry, which combines the historic and respected olive oil extraction process with elegant and luxurious hotel accommodation. The walls are made from excavated stone and by using the excavated materials, Villa Nai 3.3 has significantly reduced its carbon dioxide emissions. Passionate and respectful of the environment and landscape, Villa Nai 3.3 has an A+ energy rating. Snowfall lends itself to the unusual name of the property. Dugi Otok receives on average 3.3 days of snowfall annually and this is the perfect amount of snowfall required to produce a bountiful olive harvest and to produce the globally award-winning liquid gold, olive oil, Nai 3.3.

Contemporary architecture in a naturally beautiful location

Villa Nai 3.3 is situated amongst the breathtakingly beautiful Kornati National Park. The island of Dugi Otok with its deep bay Telašćica is located in the immediate vicinity, northwest of the Kornati Archipelago and forms together with the Kornati Islands, a unique and cultural entity. Established in 1980, the Kornati Islands Archipelago comprises of 140 islands and islets covering 114sq miles with 89 of the islands form part of the Kornati National Park-the natural beauty is outstanding. A wild destination with eagle owls, 353 different types of algae and over 850 various species of animals, the Kornati National Park is also protected and as well as the wildlife, the marine life is simply stunning and is perfect for diving and snorkelling. The hot and dry summers combined with the autumn rainfall provide the perfect climate for cultivating olives.

Drawing inspiration from the world’s most magnificent yachts, Nikola Bašić constructed the unique Villa Nai 3.3 to fit seamlessly into the outstanding natural beauty of Croatia’s Kornati National Park. Hidden from sight, the natural design is not obtrusive to the landscape and effortlessly combines the raw beauty of the destination with luxury, comfort, and privacy, bringing a new hospitality and design dimension to northern Dalmatia. Villa Nai 3.3’s excellent location, offers guests the opportunity to sail the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea and discover the 140 perfectly interlocked islets of the Kornati Islands.

Luxurious yacht inspired accommodation

Celebrated architect, Nikola Bašić believes that when you are on a boat, you are in constant touch with nature and he has captured the feeling of being on an elegant yacht, within the design of the rooms and suites at Villa Nai 3.3. The creation of the five Deluxe Rooms starting at 40sqm + terraces 30sqm and three spacious Deluxe Suites measuring 60sqm and 30sqm terraces, resembling the bows and sundecks of yachts, enabling guests to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the Zadar Archipelago and take in the sweeping vistas of the Adriatic Sea. Nikola Bašić’s concept for Villa Nai 3.3 was born from nature; the rooms and suites are built from stone excavated from the surrounding 40,000sqm, five-hundred-year-old organic olive organic groves and they contain chic, designer furniture that soothes guests with calming natural colours. Just as every boat has its own sail, every room has its distinctive style.

Organic farm, award-winning olive oiled gourmet restaurant

Villa Nai 3.3 is situated amongst 500-year-old olives groves and has produced organically certified, globally award-winning Dalmatian olive oil with every stage of the production conducted by hand – from olive picking to oil extraction. This level of perfectionism is evident in Villa Nai 3.3.’s incredible menus, created using only the best locally sourced and organic ingredients from the island farms and orchards. The fruit and vegetables used in these tantalising dishes have been grown under the warm Mediterranean sun in organically clean soil. All the meat comes from local family farms whilst the seafood is harvested directly from the Adriatic.

The alluring scents and flavours of the fresh, organic ingredients, simply cooked and prepared over the rustic fire at Villa Nai’s Grotta 11000 restaurant will tempt tastebuds and transport guests to a gourmet world of simple pleasures connected with the surrounding nature.

The 3.3 Restaurant offers a refined dining style and elegant ambience, with breath-taking views of the olive grove and sea beyond. Every dish has been meticulously paired with delicious wines from Croatia and beyond, together with the award-winning Nai 3.3 olive oil to enhance the flavours of the local produce.

Spa and wellness experiences

Reconnecting with nature means reinvigorating your mind and soul. Villa Nai 3.3’s phenomenal wellness experiences and facilities draw upon Croatia’s natural healing environment to nourish the body and put the mind at ease. Indulgent spa products contain Villa Nai 3.3’s award-winning olive oil, which contains an abundance of Vitamin E and antioxidants to organically nourish the skin.

The Spa itself features innovative new experiences including the cold plasma treatment, as well as globally renowned traditional treatments such as a Finnish sauna and Balinese and Thai body massages. The combination of new Croatian and classic, globally-inspired treatments creates an extensive menu of unique therapies.

Two swimming pools allow guests to immerse themselves in nature. The 23m infinity pool, creates the feeling of being part of the land and sea at the same time. Take in the spectacular views of the surrounding islands as the gentle breeze wafts the sweet fragrance of Mediterranean herbs. A small and intimate grotto houses the indoor pool, where guests can float in the Adriatic seawater and the quiet intimacy of this pool will have a meditative and soothing effect on the soul and improve overall well-being.

Local culture and authentic experiences inspired by nature

The natural and stunning landscape surrounding Villa Nai 3.3 can be explored. The Kornati National Park has the most populated group of islands in the Mediterranean (140 islands compactly strewn within 300km2 of the sea) and is rich in historic architecture with beautiful small churches, preserved hillforts and fortresses.

Krka National Park has seven magnificent travertine waterfalls, located along the Krka River. The diverse array of plant species attracts a wide range of wildlife, and this national park is a paradise for fish and bird lovers. Paklenica National Park is home to the majestic Velebit Mountain and is surrounded by beech forests and canyons with creeks, and is perfect for long walks and hikes.

Liquid gold-olive oil harvest

A seasonal and celebrated experience is the olive harvest which takes place during late September and early October. Participants can join in this annual event alongside local olive oil producers and immerse themselves in this ancient tradition.

Sailing the seas

Equidistant between Venice and Dubrovnik, the Zadar Archipelago surrounding Villa Nai 3.3 is one of the most stunningly beautiful archipelagos in the world. Exploring the tiny islands and inlets by sailboat is a truly magnificent way to spend a day.

Dive into new depths

Discover an aquatic world that lies beneath the crystalline waters of the Adriatic Sea. The expert concierge at Villa Nai 3.3 can arrange scuba diving or snorkelling expeditions to explore the diverse array of marine life and marvel at the various species of fish that swim past in abundance.

Getting there

Many airlines including Easy Jet, RyanAir, Eurowings and Whizz Air fly from many regional and London airports direct to Zadar. The flight time is approximately two hours and 30 minutes. From Zadar Airport, transfer by catamaran takes approximately 45 minutes.


Prices start from €721.00 per night for a Grove View Deluxe Room, based on two adults sharing, excluding breakfast.

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