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September 10, 2023

Virgin Island Greek Island Glow 7-day Cruise

Be prepared for a holiday of a lifetime on the 7-day Greek Island Glow Cruise with Virgin Voyage.

Sail from Athens to the most idyllic Greek Isles in the Med — like Santorini, Rhodes, and Bodrum (Turkey). With an overnight in the glamorous hot spot of Mykonos, you can immerse yourself in the quiet charm of the island and attend those world-famous beach club parties.

From captivating coasts to laid-back island vibes, the exclusively adult cruise vacation of your dreams is here.

The places you’ll go

Athens – Bright blue skies, sand-fringed shores, and a bustling street art scene — few places are as colorful as this ever-evolving city.

Santorini – From the hills of Oia to the Caldera coast, this island is known for its fiery, orange and pick sunsets and postcard-worthy beaches.

Rhodes – Where the Byzantine Empire meets modern cultural ingenuity — this gorgeous island truly is hot spot for artists and artist-lovers alike.

Bodrum – Boasting Aegean character from its ancient ruins to its flower-filled cafes, Bodrum is the ultimate spot for a seaside getaway.

Mykonos – Known for its hip beach clubs and electric nightlife, this famous Greek Isle has a notably quiet side, too — and it’s truly spectacular.

Get a delicious taste of the modern romance of sailing that only a Virgin brand could pull off.

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