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December 24, 2021

VIVA Skin Clinics: Aesthetic Experts In Anti-Aging Tweakments

This month I had the opportunity to visit one of the VIVA Skin Clinics for a little facial pick-me-up. I had an insightful consultation with Dr Rupert, where we discussed injectables, facial aging, and the current state of the ‘Wild West’ medical aesthetics industry.

Thanks to TV shows like Love Island and The Real Housewives, dermal fillers and Botox —i.e., tweakments, are a booming business right now. Women of all ages are striving for the perfect pout, sculpted cheeks, or the latest cosmetic trend, the fox eye lift. But, there’s a hitch. The non-surgical aesthetics industry is almost completely unregulated.

According to BBC’s Watchdog on Three, the Uk medical aesthetics market is worth £2.75billion. Failure to legislate such a profitable industry has led to non medical professionals legally carrying out facial procedures with minimal training from beauty salons, or even their own homes. Often using knockoff products!

Social media is a hotbed of cosmetic cowboys displaying before and after shots that may, or may not belong to them. It should also be noted that Instagram does not require any qualification proof to open an aesthetics business account.

Luckily, more and more women are coming forward to share their horror stories of botched beauty treatments. But, with so many unqualified, uninsured, and inexperienced practitioners out there —who can you trust with your face?

VIVA Skin Clinic

With all of this heavy on mind I headed off for my consultation at the VIVA Skin Clinic, to quiz a medical expert!

After sharing my concerns with Dr Rupert, he let me in on the good news… There is new legislation underway. Music to my ears! The only downside is that a proposed bill takes time to get passed through Parliament.

In the meantime, how do women not fall prey to cosmetic cowboys?

Dr Rupert’s advice is to do the research. Make sure your practitioner is a registered doctor, nurse, midwife, or dentist with training in advanced aesthetics, insurance in the treatments they offer, and uses licensed products sourced from reputable suppliers.

Or, if you live in or around London or Kent, just cut out the guesswork and book a consultation at a VIVA Skin Clinic!

Founded on the principle of alignment —not perfection, VIVA Skin Clinics consist of medically trained aesthetic artists to align your inner sense of self with your outer self. Whether you are looking to plump, tighten, smooth or define, they’re goal is to guide you on your journey to becoming your most confident self.

Dr. Rupert

Dr. Rupert is a GP by background and one of four doctors selected for mentorship and a member of faculty with the prestigious Allergan medical institute. Allergan are the creators of Juvederm dermal fillers and Botox. He began his journey into aesthetics treatments and also opened the first VIVA Skin Clinic in 2012. Dr Rupert also conducts training for other medical professionals, and the trialling of new products and treatments.

This is the kind of experienced practitioner you can trust with your face!


Dr. Rupert is not the kind of aesthetic doctor who carries out procedures at the behest of his clients. I found this out after telling him which treatment I wanted. Instead, he handed me a mirror and swiftly drew little dots and lines on my face pointing out where my face has been most affected by age resulting in lost volume.

Facial volume loss can be caused by age, hormonal changes, weight loss, and environmental factors. These all play a major role in the depletion of the skin’s collagen levels. Collagen forms an underlying structure (scaffolding) that keeps our skin strong, firm, supple, and youthful looking.

As collagen and fat decrease our facial skin becomes saggy, cheeks become sunken/gaunt, and deep lines can appear around the mouth and chin, known as marionette lines.

The solution? Replace lost volume to these key areas of my face with dermal filler resulting in a lifted, tightened look. Another quick demonstration —an upward push, an outward pull, gave me a glimpse of how my face might look post treatment.

It was at this point that I decided I would be opting for the treatment Dr. Rupert recommends!


Dr. Rupert suggested his bespoke ‘7-Point Shape’, a Juvederm facial filler treatment that uses a signature three-dimensional technique to target seven key, anti-aging zones. In layman’s terms: Hyaluronic acid was strategically injected and kind of sculpted, in order to ‘shape’ my face, giving the effect of a fuller, firmer face.

This is easily the most artistic treatment I’ve ever had. And don’t worry, the numbing cream is powerful so you don’t feel any pain!

My Results

It felt like I’d made the right decision choosing VIVA Skin Clinic, every step of the way. From the warm, welcoming staff to the beautiful, stylish reception furniture and lighting. Dr. Rupert is a highly skilled aesthetic practitioner with exceptionally light, artistic hands. I hardly felt any discomfort! By replacing lost volume this treatment has given my face a much needed boost and smoothed out my lines.

However, if you choose this treatment don’t expect everyone to notice your new face. When tweakments are done well, work should be subtle. Instead people will just mention how good you look. And this is exactly what VIVA is all about.. Helping you be the best version of you!

VIVA’s Top Facial Treatments

Dermal filler is definitely VIVA Skin Clinics ‘thing’. Dr. Rupert’s specialty is Full Face Dermal filler treatments, which I can attest to! Please check out my Instagram reels for a video of my full treatment.

Anti-Wrinkle injections are their second most popular treatment and they also sell medical-grade skincare.

VIVA Skin Clinic locations: King’s Road, Chelsea, London and Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Written by Gabrielle Richens for Luxuria Lifestyle London and International

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