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July 10, 2020

We are delighted to announce that Villa Spalletti Trivelli re-opened on July 1st

It feels like yesterday when we were forced to close for the very first time the doors to your and our home in Rome. It was the first time that this happened in almost 120 years of history… for the first time since 1901, the Villa went silent for its longest 110 days. Not even the destructive power of two World Wars managed to accomplish that…

This gave us time to think, reflect and act. We had the time to look back at all the feedback we received over the years, both positive and negative, turning them into the energy we needed to survive the toughest time in the history of our industry. We had the time to look back at all the amazing, incredible and beautiful memories that were created here and that we were lucky enough, as Innkeepers, to witness: weddings, proposals, anniversaries, new lives coming into this mad but beautiful world, new starts and new turns. No matter what led you to Villa Spalletti Trivelli, we were honoured to be a part of it!! We also had the time to realize that at the end of the day without all of these amazing things we, as a family, and the Villa, like a home, would not be the same.

The emotions and life-changing moments that you all contributed to and created within these walls gave us the strength and determination to not give up and surrender while the world around us came crumbling down. Now that the time to rebuild has finally come, we are more than ready for a million more of these moments in your company! Villa Spalletti Trivelli is BACK and we cannot wait to see you all again. Thank you for all your amazing support over the years and our very best wishes to you all and your families.

We  finalised all of the training and put in place all of the new procedures:

All of our staff and management has been trained on all procedures and measures necessary to avoid infections and to handle any potential emergencies;

All staff will be wearing masks at all times.

Upon receipt of the documents and credit card pre-arrival, we will be able to carry out contactless check-in and check-out.

All rooms will be individually sanitized after every check-out and every check-in. In order to allow so the check-in and out times have slightly changed: 3 pm check-in and 11 am check-out. Sanitation will include all A/C outlets.

No buffet breakfast until September 1st. Breakfast will still be included in rates but will only be available à la carte or with room service.

Rooftop and Spa will reopen, as usual, the Turkish bath will have to be booked by guests (at no extra charge).

Elevators are exclusive to in house guests. Staff is only allowed to use it to carry heavy loads and luggage to guest rooms.

All common areas will be sanitized 3 times daily and hand sanitizer dispensers will be available throughout the property.

Guests will receive a small welcome kit with portable hand sanitizer tube and mask in case they don’t have it.

Bellboys will use gloves to handle guests luggage and will appropriately sanitize it before taking it to the room.

The bars are still self-service and complimentary. The only change is that we will remove and sanitize all glasses every evening, including those untouched.

Concierge service will be more important than ever as all sites in Rome are now open with limited daily entries and tickets will have to be booked in advance to avoid any disappointment.

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