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November 26, 2021

We don’t just sell homes, we sell lifestyles

LL:You don’t just sell homes, you sell lifestyles. Can you tell us a bit more about that?

VP: We see buying a home as the most important aspect of family life, it’s not just bricks and mortar but a place where you live, work, entertain, raise your kids, sleep, relax and unwind, therefore our focus is always on how a property meets those needs. We only list properties for sale that fulfill those needs, unlike a lot of agents that list whatever comes their way without thinking who is the buyer, what will they gain from living there?

LL:Despite Covid-19, the property market on the Costa del Sol seems to be soaring like never before. Can you elaborate on that?

VP: There’s a change in attitudes and lifestyles since Covid19, more people are working from home, remotely, so you can choose where you live, a better climate, for one. Secondly more people are looking for more space or properties that offer gyms, spas, private swimming pools, so should a situation like lockdown happen again, their home is a sanctuary, it offers all they need to live a comfortable life, while the world carries on outside of the cocoon.

LL: Competition in the luxury property real estate market on the Costa del Sol is fierce. How do you guys make a difference?

VP: Competition is fierce, however, without giving away our secrets, good marketing is key, the right places to advertise as well as good photography, videos or virtual tours. As well as personal service and attention to detail.

LL: Which areas are in demand on the Costa del Sol? Are there upcoming new areas on the rise, we need to keep an eye on?

VP: The highest demand is in key areas of Marbella, for example Sierra Blanca, The Golden Mile and Nueva Andalucia. Benahavis has also seen a surge and is currently home to some of the highest prices in Spain thanks to super exclusive areas like La Zagaleta, El Madronal and Reserva de Alcuzcuz.

The area to watch is Sotogrande, there is massive development around there and the area has stunning villa urbanizations, a beautiful marina, as well as several highly regarded golf courses such as Valderrama.

LL: Have you seen a change in the sort of property that’s highly sought-after in the region? Any changes in design trends?

Absolutely, people are looking more than ever for views, privacy and security. As well as many luxury facilities as possible within their budget. Design is moving forward with attention to detail, colours, textures and warmth driving the market more than the previously popular minimalist, white and stark interiors of the last few years.

LL: What are the challenges the luxury real estate sector will be facing in the next year(s)?

VP: The challenge will be lack of supply, luxury properties are not staying on the market long, often with several buyers competing for the same option. We are getting more and more asking price offers than ever before. Obviously with prices continuing to rise the challenge for buyers is securing their ideal home before someone else does.

LL: Crypto currency. With younger HNWI looking to buy Luxury real estate,will crypto currency be moving real estate practices into the 21th century, as it offers a faster, more convenient and infinitely more secure way to transfer property ownership from one individual or business to another?

VP: It’s getting more common to be asked if crypto currency is acceptable as a form of payment, however, it is still in its infancy here in Spain and it will probably take a few years for this to become a regular occurrence. In our opinion it can be too volatile and with very strict money laundering laws in Spain, it is often difficult to ascertain where the original money came from.

LL: Do you see other technological developments that are going to play a role/add value to selling real estate in the near future?

VP: The way forward is smart home technology – this is an essential now in new luxury properties, the smarter the better, there is an expectation now from buyers that this option is standard. We are also now seeing ‘smart swimming pools’ – a pool that can be controlled from an app so it can be heated, lit and cleaned from your smart phone at the airport, ready for your arrival!

This, and ‘passive houses’ – super green and efficient will be one of the biggest trends over the next few years.

LL: What would your key piece of advice be for buyers interested in purchasing/investing in luxury real estate on the Costa del Sol?

VP: The best advice we can give to buyers is do your research, know where you want to be and what you want to spend. Always be ready to accept a compromise, even at 10,000,000€ it might be necessary to compromise on something!

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