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May 9, 2022

What Every Man Should Know About Giving Flowers

Getting your loved ones flowers is something that everyone has done at some point or has thought about doing. If you’re reading this article right now, you’re probably thinking about getting a special someone flowers yourself. But are there any flower-giving rules that you aren’t aware of? How can you be sure which ones to get, and when to get them?

Well, you would be even more confused to find out that there is a whole language of flowers, and that every flower – not just the classic red rose – has a meaning tired to it. For a lot of flowers that come in multiple colours, each colour has a different meaning.
In this article, we’re going to talk about all the times when you should give flowers to other people, and also about the meanings behind certain flowers and how to pick the right ones.

When to Give Flowers

You can give people flowers on almost any occasion. If the receiver is someone you’re romantically involved with, you don’t even need a reason to bring them flowers and make them smile – no matter what time, they will appreciate the thoughtfulness and the gesture.

However, here are some occasions where not getting your partner flowers or a present might cause some trouble in paradise.

A luxury flower bouquet might not be the ideal present for a birthday. If you have to choose between flowers or something else, go with cake or a dessert your partner likes. On the other hand, accompanying any birthday present with flowers would be a great way to make the occasion even more special and thoughtful.

Valentine’s Day

This one’s a no-brainer, but flowers on Valentine’s Day are pretty much a universal tradition everywhere Valentine’s Day is celebrated. In this case, there might be disappointment on one end if you don’t get them flowers.

If you’re getting something for someone you’re romantically interested in, go for something bold and romantic. Red roses would be the classical choice, though you can get them roses in their favourite colours along with another present as well.


Did you know, that there’s a special flower to give your significant other for your anniversary for every year of your relationship? We’re not kidding. Some flower experts have this list built up to 50 years and more, and it’s more or less the same throughout the first few decades.

Each flower for an anniversary has a unique meaning, which is usually also different from the usual meaning the flower carries.

It goes without saying then that flowers on your anniversary are a very fitting present, though we feel like you should compliment them with another present as well.

Date Night

If you and your partner do date night, or are at the initial stages of your relationship where date nights are the norm, get flowers on your way to the restaurant or location of your date.

There are mixed opinions about how flowers on the first date would be received – will the other person will find them too forward or will it seem like a very romantic and thoughtful gesture?

The simple answer is that it depends on how well you know the person you’re going out on the date with is what decides whether first-date flowers are a good idea or not. Is this someone you met online and are seeing in person for the first time after a week of talking? Then yeah, don’t get flowers. But if it’s someone you’ve known and admired for years, it would probably be a welcome gift.

What Flowers to Get

Now that you know when to give someone flowers, we’re going to talk about the meaning behind some most commonly gifted ones. Before that, though, we should remind you that if you already know the receiver’s favourite colour or favourite flower, you shouldn’t bother yourself with the language of flowers at all. The most thoughtful thing to do in that case would be to pick your favourite kind. For those occasions when you know the recipient’s favourite, opting for a premium flower delivery service can add an extra touch of elegance and thoughtfulness to your gesture.

It’s also important to note that not all of these flowers will be appropriate for all occasions. For example, while red roses are great for someone you’re romantically interested in, giving them to someone at work might land you in trouble. The same goes for funerals and more sombre affairs where flowers are given – treat this as a general guide and do your research about the occasion itself to find out what goes and what doesn’t.


Roses are a classic flower to give on any occasion, coming in colours ranging from red to blue to yellow and purple. Some of the most commonly used colours are pink, red, and yellow though.

Red roses symbolize love and passion, and they’re used almost everywhere regardless of their meaning. Pink flowers symbolize joy and friendship, and yellow flowers symbolize joy.


Lilies stand for purity and devotion – what better way to express your love for someone as well as the purity of your intentions? Tell your date you mean business by giving them lilies, and make sure they know you’re going to be devoted to your relationship moving forward.


Orchids stand for a lot of things. They symbolize love and beauty and are known to signify luxury as well. In a bouquet, these flowers are sure to leave an impact.

You can find orchids in some colours, shapes, and sizes. If you look hard enough or at the right place, you might even be able to find orchids that have dual-colored petals.


Simple and sweet, tulips are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face if they get them. That’s not all – they mean perfect love, which can mean a lot of things and is open to interpretation. This can allow you to turn the meaning behind this flower into something more personal and special than universal, which your partner might appreciate.

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