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February 1, 2022

What Leather Boots Match Well with Suits?

“When you see someone putting on his big boots, you can be pretty sure that an adventure is going to happen” is a quote we stand by. A pair of best leather boots add a statement to the overall look when teamed up with a suit. As much as it is an aesthetic fashion choice, it should be comfortable, chic, and functional.

Choosing a pair of leather boots might be a task, almost as hard as finalizing your wedding outfit! The color, price, versatility, durability, style, and many more aspects that complete the overall look are things to ponder.

Here are some of the aspects to consider while buying boots to team them up with a suit:

1. Color: The boots should blend with your overall look rather than contrast it. Make sure to go with casual tone colors such as black and brown, which are always the safe option.

2. Heel Height: One of the most important aspects as they are a matter of comfort. Always choose something that adds comfort when worn for a long time.

3. Material: Go for full grain leather boots, as they are made from the outermost layer of the animal’s hide. Full grain leather will age the best and look great while it’s at it.

4. Fitting: Comfort is the key. Note that boots tend to run a half size smaller than your sneakers. They have a variety of widths. Let the boots be the right fit with the proper grip, wrapping, and length! Do not compromise on comfort over aesthetics.

5. Reliability: Boots made with a Goodyear welt and a midsole is the best choice for durability, ideally because they have a vegetable tanned leather insole. However, many brands, like Red Wing, do great with rubber midsoles as well.

6. Functionality: As much as you want the boots to look classy, the most important of all is the functionality to use them for short walks or treks. Look at the sole. A grippy lug sole is ideal for a lot of outdoor wear. Leather soles are a favorite for more indoor wear due to the softness and flexibility. Many find a studded Dainite sole to be the best compromise between the two.

It might take a while to find the perfect boots, regardless of work boots or classic ones. Here is a guide that will help you choose a pair of the best leather boots out there.

The Chelsea Leather Boots

In Britain, an iconic element of the 1960s, Chelsea boots are close-fitting, ankle-high boots with an elastic side panel. It goes well with every occasion.

The design was created by Queen Victoria’s shoemaker Joseph Sparkes Hall. It is a timeless classic which never goes out of trend in the men’s fashion world and is considered to be a safe option to go. Some of the variations in Chelsea leather boots are;

The Chukka Leather Boots

Elegant, subtle, easily wearable and, one of the comfortable types of leather boots are Chukka boots. The name “chukka” originates from the game polo, meaning period in a game. They are ankle-high leather boots with leather uppers, open lacing, two or three pairs of eyelets and leather or rubber soles. Unlined chukkas are often a preferred choice for spring or summer, paired with slacks or with jeans — given the low shaft height, many consider them must-haves for the extra flexibility they provide.

The Oxford Boots

The oxford boots are the most appropriate pair of boots for formal, date night, weddings, and every other occasion. They are occasionally called Balmorals or Bal-types. They have low heels and closed lacing. There are various oxford boots: the plain-toe, the cap-toe, and whole-cut among them. They usually are black or brown, one of the reasons that they are worn anytime or for any event, also available as plain or patterned.

The Combat Boots

The most durable and casual boots are combat boots. They are gaining popularity among daily fashion wear for comfort, grip, stability, and long-term use. Controversial when teamed with a suit but a beloved option or street wear, a well chosen combat boot can be perfect for harsh winter months. They come in a broad range of colors but are typically quite chunky, lending them more toward casual wear.

The Jodhpur Boots

The Indian-origin Jodhpur leather boots are unique ankle boots, fastened with a strap or a buckle around the ankle. They are available in a wide range of colors allowing one to experiment with their fashion choices as they fall under the dressier category.

The Cowboy Boots

It might seem confusing, out-of-the-blue suggestion, but yes! You can wear cowboy boots with a suit. It is for people to experiment and showcase a bold statement with attitude and swag. When tailored so that the trousers fall over the top of the boots, it can give a rustic look that’s respected in many Southern circles — though might earn you a raised eyebrow or two in Manhattan.

The Lace-up Boots

The classic alternative to Chelsea or Chukka is the lace-up boot, also called a service boot as the low profile toe was a common look in the military during the World Wars. Depending on the brand it adds a bit of roughness and chic. Generally, lace-up boots of black or brown are the best choice to team up with a suit for formal events, though shiny eyelets can throw off a formal look — go for dull.

Choose your reason, choose your style! Everyone dreams of owning the best leather boots, which will surely help you get closer to buying one or more pairs of boots. They grab attention, upscale your overall look, make you stand out, and add a classy yet trendy vibe. It also enhances your personality altogether. Not too late or never be late to add the best leather boots to your wardrobe at the earliest. See you on the purchasing side of the page!

Written by Nick English,  founder of Stridewise

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