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December 3, 2021

What To Do When Your Clothes Don’t Fit

Whenever a new season approaches, you are excited to go through your wardrobe for the outfits you will wear. But sometimes the experience becomes nightmarish when you find that you can’t fit in your clothes anymore.

The guiltiest season will have to be summer; its continued demand for single-layer clothing that hugs your body can be frustrating. There are various reasons clothing can stop fitting; the most common are body changes, health, fabric care, and aging. If your clothes don’t fit, there is something you can do about it.

Why Clothes Stop Fitting

Time doesn’t stand still for anyone; everything, including you, is in a constant flux of change. Who you were a year ago or more isn’t the same person you are right now. You have changed, and so has your environment; that’s ok, embrace it. Some common and uncommon reasons your clothes no longer fit include;

Shrinkage From the Washing Machine

Maybe you didn’t read the care label, or you took a chance that it might be wrong, but some clothing isn’t fit to be in a washing machine. The process can cause them to shrink, among other damage.


Some clothes have a design that doesn’t fit properly, like skinny jeans. Their design leaves very little room for error, so a gain in weight, height, or width can have an exaggerated effect on the fit.

Body Phases

Your body goes through seasons of its own; puberty, adulthood, parenthood, middle age, and retirement are all natural phases that you will go through. Each period comes with a new body due to metabolism changes, hormones, and eventually a degrading body. Your body doesn’t stay the same, so embrace each new stage of your life and adapt to it.


A change in health is another reason that your body may change. For example, your waist may get temporarily bigger due to a bloated stomach.

When Clothes Don’t Fit

Looking for new clothes is something you should do when you are in the right mindset. You want to be at your best as you view your body and dream up new outfits. You also want to be in the mood for shopping and possibly trying new things.

As you clean out your closet, reduce the pressure by not having expectations. If you see a skirt or pair of jeans you want to try out, prepare yourself for it to fit or not fit. Without expectations, you can make a clear, conscious decision about what you can and can’t keep.

Often, clothes don’t fit because you have gained weight. Sometimes, it’s the weight you don’t like, which can lead to negative and occasionally toxic thoughts about your body. While cleaning out your closet, you should steer clear of these negative notions and focus on the positive. Positive affirmations and conversations with yourself will make the experience less sad and your resolve stronger. Sometimes, you need to accept that you may not get the figure back to fit into that expensive designer outfit and it’s normal to outgrow things.

Clothing sizes are often different, according to the designer. You may find yourself fitting into a size six from one designer but can’t fit into a size eight from another. Recognize that this isn’t your fault and rid yourself of the notion that size matters. Fit into what you can fit into and toss out the rest without a second thought; you can’t define yourself by an arbitrary size.

A closet purge can be mentally and emotionally draining. So if you complete one, be sure to congratulate yourself. The work was hard, but you persevered and are ready for your new look.

Now that you have cleared your closet, you can begin to work on establishing your new style:


Among the throw-away pile, you may pick out a few items that only need a bit of tailoring to fit once again. You can also cut your old clothing into something new, like turning an old shirt into a sleeveless or jeans that aren’t long enough into jean shorts. Having a new style doesn’t mean you have to break the bank.

Flexible Materials

When you shop, look for clothing material that is more flexible and loose. That way, you can grow into them, have breathable attire, and save money in the future.


Unshrink clothes that have shrunk in the wash.

Adaptable Shoes

Wear shoes that can bridge the gap for shorter pants or jeans. You can look for high-top sneakers or boots that can cover the gaps.

Exchange Clothes

Exchange clothing if possible for ones that fit better. You can do this at thrift shops, among friends, or online. Once again, you can get a new style without having to fork out too much money.

Add Accessories

No outfit is complete without accessories. You can switch for new accessories, like exchanging traditional glasses that might be heavy and slip off easily, to rimless glasses that are more lightweight. You can buy online and find a matching pair for your partner by looking through the rimless glasses men’s section.

Don’t Sweat It

Your body goes through changes; it’s normal. If you find that your clothes no longer fit you, then embrace the change and see it as an opportunity to discover new styles and fits that will better suit you.

It’s easy to fall back into old habits and think outgrowing your clothing is a bad thing, but everyone faces it at some point. Equip yourself with the strategies in this article to overcome that cycle of negative thinking and never feel disheartened when it comes to your attire again.

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