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March 16, 2023

What to Expect After a Brain Injury: The Recovery and Procedures That Will Follow

Having sound knowledge of what to expect after a brain injury (TBI) will help you or a loved one best prepare for the road ahead. Every survivor of a brain injury will have an entirely different experience. How you recover will depend on the severity and location of the TBI.

Here we will explore what you can expect during the recovery process, as well as procedures that you may need to undergo to help manage symptoms linked with brain injuries.


Because every brain injury is different, it can be difficult to predict exactly what to expect going forward. The effects of a brain injury will depend on the area of the brain affected and the severity. There are a range of cognitive, physical, and emotional effects that brain injury survivors may experience. These include severe headaches, dizziness, muscle weakness, and seizures. Other effects can include light sensitivity, double vision, memory problems, and anxiety.

Learning about the secondary effects of a TBI can help you anticipate what to expect during recovery and beyond. As mentioned, symptoms like those above will vary. Some brain injury survivors may experience many secondary effects, whereas others don’t experience any.


Recovering from a brain injury can be exceptionally long and challenging. In most cases, you will have a team of medical professionals assisting you on the journey to help regain as much function as possible. You will also learn practices and methods to cope with any permanent disabilities.

Following a brain injury, many of the brain’s neural pathways used to communicate may become damaged. Neuroplasticity can be used to strengthen existing pathways and create new ones. This helps survivors restore any lost or impaired functions while promoting recovery. Some patients are discharged to a rehabilitation centre which can include physical therapy to help with strength and mobility. Make sure to look into brain injury compensation claims during recovery too. Sheldon Davidson Solicitors can help you with this. They have many years of experience in the field and can help you obtain the compensation you deserve.


There may be procedures one must undergo to aid recovery after a brain injury. This can include surgery to remove blog clots or masses that are causing pressure on the brain. You may be given medications to manage brain injury symptoms too, including seizures, pain, and anxiety.

Before returning home, modifications may need to be made to help keep you safe. This could involve installing grab bars, ramps, and other assistive devices. Throughout this process, you will be monitored by a team of doctors, occupational therapists, nurses, and speech therapists to aid recovery and get you back on your feet.

Whether you’ve sustained a brain injury yourself, perhaps due to an incident where Jacksonville accident attorneys could assist, or you’re looking after someone who has, knowing what the future holds regarding treatment and recovery is important. While the road ahead may look uncertain, there are steps brain injury survivors can take to help improve their quality of life and help cope with impairments and limitations.

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