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March 24, 2022

What to Expect When Embarking on a Luxury Cruise

Cruising is a great way to travel the world. Preparing yourself before the embarkation day is crucial in having a good experience. It’s an exciting day that will take you to another destination. You will board the ship and then activate the vacation mode. Before you board it is good to know what you can expect so you don’t miss anything. Being prepared means the cruise can start on the right foot, so you can have a smooth sailing experience for the rest of the trip. And if you are interested in serious luxury in terms of amenities on board, maximum safety, and even luxurious offshore trips you should consider a cruise with Aqua Expeditions. Their packages offer luxury even in the most adventurous parts of the world such as the Galapagos and even the Peruvian Amazon. But while you decide on the destination, let’s take a look at what is to be expected from your luxury cruise!


When you arrive on the cruise ship, it’s the official start of your vacation! You might be greeted with champagne or any other beverage, and you can relax and enjoy. Grab some lunch or dinner, depending on the time of your onboarding, visit the buffet or have a drink before you get yourself familiar with the environment.

Discover all of the things you can do on the cruise. Go beyond the stateroom and explore all of the public rooms. Later on, you can hit the pool and check some of the activities offered onboard.


While you will be traveling to exotic destinations, luxury cruise lines offer a superior experience with a bunch of amenities. During the day you can enjoy yourself by the pool or taste some of the specialties on board. The cruise industry has embraced themed cruises and luxury lines often come with trips that focus on art history, culinary arts, or politics.

Board Games

You can find a puzzle corner where you can play trivia, bridge, bingo, or board games. Some cruise lines take the game of bridge very seriously.

Foodie Activities

There are a lot of culinary centers on these cruises where you can taste a bit of everything. Beyond the culinary centers, you will find cooking demonstrations on how to roast a chicken perfectly, up to how to eat your veggies boiled.

You Are Taken Care Of

If you want to experience the royal treatment firsthand, you don’t need to spring for a penthouse. You’ll get taken care of in a luxury cruise where you will be assisted in anything you need. Even if you need to pick out a pillow or plan your cocktail party.

The crew will help you draw a bath and enjoy therapeutic oils. And since nobody wants to deal with asthma and allergies while on vacation, you will be provided with hypoallergenic staterooms. Additionally, the butlers and anyone from the crew will help you clean and pack your luggage. If you prefer to soak in every second of your holiday, instead of taking care of the luggage, you will have a person who will do that for you. They will even polish your shoes, wrap items in bubble wrap or clean your sunglasses. You will feel like in a movie!

Poolside Service

Another perk of enjoying the stay on a luxury cruise is the poolside service. Almost all of the luxury cruises have pools where you’d get to relax and get attended to anytime. So, have a glass of a cocktail and enjoy the cruise!

Internet Access

Luxury cruises have Internet access. If you have some unfinished business, you can connect on the ship. Some connections are more reliable than others and offer faster speed rates.

Included Gratuities

Luxury cruise lines offer incentives for accommodation in some of the major cities or when traveling to some historical and natural wonders sites around the world. The full-feature airships are equipped with offices, spas, master suites, and lounges. The companies even offer sushi counters or refrigerators in the rooms if you are staying for longer periods.

Free Beverages and Fine Dining

On most of the luxury lines, there is no charge for the beverages like soft drinks and premium coffee. You can enjoy a bottle of wine in lounges, restaurants, or even in the stateroom. These lines provide cappuccino, coffee, or espresso for free. And many suites are equipped with coffee makers. However, if you order expensive drinks, you will pay a little extra.

Let’s not get it twisted, you have fine dining and renowned chefs cooking for you at these cruises, however, these dishes can be quite expensive. Some of the beverages are free, but if you want to dine fine, you’ll need to pay. Most of the cruises have famous chefs working for them and executing the finest culinary works. And you will enjoy a pure work of food art and get a unique taste of some of the most famous dishes around the world.

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