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March 30, 2022

What to Expect When Flying Privately

If you’re accustomed to travelling with scores of other passengers, perhaps crammed like sardines into an economy-class flight to a popular Floridian tourist spot, then the experience of private jet rental can make for a refreshing change. But is it worth the expense, and is it right for your circumstances? Let’s take a look.


Flying privately is, when it comes to luxury, far superior to the alternatives. If you think that first-class travel is luxurious, then you’ll be amazed at what a good charter service can offer. You’ll be able to choose where you sit, what you eat, and even, in some cases, whether you can smoke (though some charter companies might impose restrictions, here).


Since you’re the one chartering the plane, you’ll have the luxury of choosing exactly when you fly. That means no waiting on the tarmac, no arriving at the airport hours in advance, and no waiting by the baggage carousel when you touch down. You’ll still be competing for runway time, but that’s about it.


On a related note, you’ll find that chartered planes don’t have to worry about many of the procedures imposed on normal passengers. That means your overall journey time will be shorter, as well as taking place at a time of your choosing. You’re also far less vulnerable to unnecessary delays.


Charter airlines tend to pick their cabin crew from the best that the aviation industry has to offer. You’ll also be able to choose to bring along specialised personnel, like bartenders and entertainers. Your food and drink menu is also that little bit more flexible – so you won’t have to put up with substandard food.


When you’re flying privately, you can expect your belongings to be treated that little bit more respectfully, and for restrictions on baggage size to be a little more generous. This isn’t quite going to offset the cost of chartering the plane, of course, but it does mean one less thing to worry about.

This freedom means that you can take quantities of luggage that wouldn’t be feasible on a normal commercial airliner. If you are looking to move everything to a new country, therefore, a charter plane might just be the way to do it. Just be sure that you consider the physical weight limitations of the aircraft you’re going to be chartering.

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