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November 3, 2021

Why Are People Drawn to North Carolina?

North Carolina has seen a huge influx of people eager to move out and get to know life here, but what is life here like? If you’re new to North Carolina and want to get to know one of the best states in the country, here’s all you need to know.

Inexpensive Housing

One of the largest reasons people move to North Carolina is the cheapness of housing here. The average home can sell for almost half of what it would cost in states like California and New York. This allows people who live in this state to buy property for far lower prices while also getting more land.

On top of this, even newer Charlotte houses for sale have charming classic architectural styles that make the entire city feel like a getaway from the stress of modern life.

Deep and Interesting History

The history of life in North Carolina goes back by more than 7,000 years. Indigenous people have lived here and known this land for ages, and evidence of this can be found in almost every inch of the state. This was one of the most colonized areas of the country and quickly developed into one of the most active areas where you can live.

Although its cities don’t pack numbers like Texas or Florida cities do, it still has a couple of metropolitan areas that can be exciting to live in.

Mild Winters

If you hate freezing winters, coastal North Carolina can be the best place for you. Although the mountains in the western area of the state are often snowcapped, a lot of the state is luckily warmer in the colder months. So naturally, this draws in a lot of northerners who want to escape the ice and cold.

Summers can be harsh here, but this is the time when the coastlines shine. Beaches become a fantastic getaway where you can frolic in the surf and sand and take in the beautiful views from tide pools to the outer islands.

Gorgeous Coastlines

The coasts in North Carolina are unlike any other. The water stays a serene deep teal that can feel like you’re slipping into a lake instead of the sea. Because of this, many people feel safer with their children on these beaches, not having to fear high waves or dangerous riptides as much.

These coasts have a lot of fun history, from ghost stories to tales of pirate ships, and it can be fun to do everything from scuba diving to get to swim as much as you want. The sands are bright and beautiful, and they can make the entire area feel like paradise.

Beautiful Mountains

The mountains in North Carolina are something many don’t think about unless they visit. Take a summer trip out to Boone, and you can enjoy seeing the history of the gold rush, get to know a little small-town charm, and enjoy the most beautiful views you can find in the country.

This area gets snowed in during the winter, but in the summer, it’s paradise.

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