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April 26, 2021

Why Luxury Student Accommodation are Worth Paying More For

Going to uni? You might have heard stories from fellow students who’ve been living in halls about their times squeezing into a single bed in a freezing room and sharing a bathroom with six other students, and have decided that you do not want that for yourself. After all, university is supposed to be one of the best times of your life and there’s nothing better than investing in a more luxurious and comfortable experience. While luxury student halls will cost more than the basic ones, many students who pay the extra say that it’s worth every single penny. Here are some of the best reasons to consider splashing a little more of your student loan on staying in luxury student accommodation.

Larger Rooms

This year in particular, the COVID19 pandemic has seen many students around the UK confined to their rooms – meaning that students considering going to uni next year or returning from their first year want to make sure that staying at home is going to be an enjoyable experience. Luxury student accommodation Dublin from Scape offers large rooms with comfortable double beds and a big desk offering everything that you need for both studying or relaxing in your room. You can choose from shared accommodation options or your own private studio with a kitchenette and plenty of storage space.

Your Own Bathroom

Sharing a bathroom with six to eight strangers might not be the most appealing idea in the world, so don’t put yourself through it – especially while we’re dealing with a worldwide pandemic. Opting to pay a little extra for luxury student accommodation often means that you will have your own private bathroom with a shower, so there’s no need to worry about being late for lectures if you are waiting for your flatmate to stop using the bathroom every morning. Plus, there will be no problems with cleanliness or sharing the same bathroom furniture with tons of other people if you have your own – you can make sure that it’s to your liking at all times.

Better Facilities

You will often get what you pay for when it comes to cheap student halls, and that’s usually the very basics. On the other hand, when you move into a luxury student accommodation option, you’ll often have many more facilities for you to enjoy both in your room and in the flat or house overall. Luxury student accommodation will often fully kit out the common area with brand new appliances for you to use and a TV for you and your flatmates to enjoy, along with comfortable furniture.

Faster Wi-Fi

Fast Wi-Fi is a must when you are a student, especially right now with many aspiring students wondering if they’ll even make it into classrooms in the next year. With lots of classes now moving online to keep students safe at home, fast Wi-Fi in your student halls is even more essential than it once was. And, you’ll want to ensure that along with having good Wi-Fi for studying, it won’t be a problem when you want to stream Netflix shows or play online games either.

Communal Areas

Luxury student halls often tend to have more communal areas for students to take advantage of. While each shared flat will have a communal kitchen and living room area, you may also have gyms, cinemas, on-site shops, games rooms, TV rooms, and outdoor areas to enjoy. Study areas for all the students to share can make it easier to get things done if you don’t want to travel to the library while having a range of things to do on-site means that you’re never short of activities to do with your new friends.

Better Security

While most student halls are quite secure, there’s an advantage to going with luxury halls in that they often have more dedicated security. Many luxury student halls also offer a 24/7 reception desk where you will be able to go if you need help at any time of the day or night. Security often patrol the grounds at all times and there is CCTV to ensure that the grounds are monitored constantly and any suspicious activity is immediately dealt with, allowing students to feel as safe as possible in their new home.

Better Experience

Luxury student halls are all about providing a great experience to students rather than simply a roof over their heads. From fitness classes on-site to regular social events that are organised for students to get together and make new friends, you’ll never be short of things to do and it’ll ensure that your student experience is the best ever. If you’d like to live in student accommodation where there is a strong sense of community rather than simply a room to keep your things, investing in a luxury accommodation option is the way forward.

Today, students aren’t just looking for a bed at night – if you want the best university experience, it’s definitely worth paying the extra rent for luxurious student halls.

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