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March 3, 2021

Why You Should Base Yourself In London As An Aspiring Musician

Success in any endeavour can largely depend on where you are based. If you want to get noticed in the middle of nowhere, you’ll probably be disappointed unless you’re online.

London is a city that is rife with opportunities for the aspiring musician. If you’re one yourself, then the capital has everything you need. From practical studio arrangements to the overall artistic vibe, there is so much to take advantage of here.

Keep reading to discover all the reasons as to why you should base yourself in London as an aspiring musician.

An Artistic Hub

England’s capital was always going to be a hotspot for entertainment. Everyone from up-and-coming artists to headline acts of world renown have a base here, or at least plan to one day.

Much of the UK entertainment industry is concentrated in London, and music is just one part of that. You have the West End where musicals are routinely performed, and though the restrictions of the coronavirus are in full swing, still ambitious plans are being made to construct the capital’s biggest new music venue, a remarkable prospect. There’re the stadiums for world famous acts, and cosy live bars for a more intimate show just around the corner.

Pitting yourself where everything happens, immersed in the pinnacle of your industry, may just be enough to give your work some finer polish. As a musician, you can draw off the energy of your surroundings for your art, and what you produce may well be better because of it.

Room for More Voices

London is not dominated by one voice, culture, or genre. Here everyone has a say in how things are, and if they don’t like what they say, that’s okay – said people go off and start their own movement for people to join instead.

There is hardly one cultural scene in London, and music flourishes that point marvellously. For example, you will find numerous dynamic layers to the culture depending on specific music genres and districts, and immersing yourself in any one of them will fine tune your talents overtime. It’s a rich environment for an artist, and there’s no end of experiences to behold or places to explore.

In other words, being an aspiring musician in London is such a broad statement that almost begs further elaboration. You can really pinpoint exactly what you’re all about here and create personas and music that is wholly unique to who you are as an artist. Even if what you see and hear isn’t necessary what you like, seeing people get up and play their truth will replenish your creative appetite.

Studio Access

Any aspiring musician can work their way around an instrument after a lot of hard work. Studio sessions, however, can be largely down to things like luck, connections, and having an abundance of money.

You can find a London recording studio without any of the three things above thanks to companies like Pirate Studios. They provide safe creative spaces for all, whether you need a DJ, rehearsal, or recording area for your art.

Additionally, Pirate Studios are open 24/7, and have a live chat service to answer any queries you may have. From the professional equipment to the affordable day rates, there’s nothing to lose here – but plenty to gain!

It’s nice to feel supported in your endeavours, and London puts that feeling out there in abundance. Many aspiring musicians struggle for a space to call their own, often confined to practicing in their homes in short bursts (and at risk of upsetting whoever they live with after all the persistent noise). To have a truly professional space at your disposal, therefore, could help you unlock your true potential with not a restriction in sight.

The Busking Scene

Any trip to London is incomplete without experiencing a busker’s talents. Why not try your hand at busking yourself?
This kind of performance is wholly unique, in that you’re performing live, outside, with a steady inflow of people willing to hear what you’ve got. Additionally, you’re spared from much of the faff of securing venues and putting on a show. All you need here is yourself and your instrument, and everything else falls into place.

London is famed for its hardy supply of hard-working buskers, strumming away at their instruments on street corners. In 2018, they enjoyed an update to their shenanigans in the form of contactless card machine payments, so now the performers make money even when the viewers don’t have any loose change in their pockets too. Ultimately, there is a lot of opportunity here, allowing you to spread the word of your music while also making a bit of money on the side.

Maybe somebody might film your talents, and grant you some online exposure? Perhaps an important passer-by could have a job for you? Or it could be that the average person on the street simply loves what you do, and that can be fulfilling also. In the end, no matter where you are in London, your music is most welcome.

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