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March 17, 2022

Wild Radish – The from-scratch food ie experience supporting DEC

Through exceptional ingredients and recipes, we bring restaurant-quality meals to the comfort of your home, working with some of Britain’s most creative chefs; Anna Hansen, Phil Howard, Sam Ashton Booth, Gabriel Waterhouse, Alyn Williams, Daniel Fletcher, Richard Galli, Marianna Leivaditaki and Mark Kempson.

Within a crowded marketplace, we offer a unique culinary experience for the discerning home cook.

Wild Radish is a luxury, not a daily chore.

We believe in the shared experience and intimacy of cooking. All our recipes are perfectly attuned to the seasons and sustainably sourced from some of the country’s most trusted suppliers.

We work on a zero-waste policy, and our packaging is all biodegradable, compostable and recyclable.

Also for every box sold this month, we will be donating £2 to the DEC Ukrainian humanitarian appeal.

We humbly believe that the Wild Radish experience would fit with the demographic that enjoy your Food and Drink section. For a special dinner party, Wild Radish would give all the guests something to talk about.

We wonder if you would be interested in reviewing or promoting our product to your readers, either in conjunction with a giveaway on social media or by looking at the singular creative culinary experience we offer within the recipe box market.

Take a look at Wild Radish or @WildradishHQ on Instagram.

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