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May 5, 2022

X Muse – Introducing the first blended barley vodka

X MUSE, pronounced ‘tenth muse’, is the first blended barley vodka inspired by the spirit-making traditions of Scotland.

A new luxury spirit, X MUSE has been created using two heritage varieties of barley: Plumage Archer and Maris Otter, distilled separately and combined in precise quantities. This careful orchestration of barleys, prized for their taste, creates a smooth and complex flavour. Combined with water of exceptional purity, drawn from an ancient aquifer at the heart of the Jupiter Artland estate, X MUSE can be sipped and savoured straight, on the rocks or act as an inspirational starting point for both classic and creative cocktails.

X MUSE co-founders are Robert Wilson: co-owner of Nelsons: Europe’s leading Natural Medicine Manufacturer, and Edinburgh’s sculpture park Jupiter Artland and Vadim Grigoryan: a former Pernod Ricard Global Marketing Director and who oversaw Absolut Vodka, Perrier-Jouët, Martell and Royal Salute.

Among the collection at Jupiter Artland is a piece by the Scottish poet, artist, and gardener, Ian Hamilton Finlay called Xth Muse. In Greek mythology, there are traditionally nine Muses, sparks of art and creativity. Alchemists believed there was an Xth Muse, a muse above all muses, pushing us towards perfect harmony and balance. X MUSE vodka is an example of harmony and balance.

American landscape artist Charles Jencks’ monumental work at Jupiter Artland, Cells of Life frames the aquifer from which the water for X MUSE is sourced and has been translated into a unique bottle design by Stranger & Stranger.

Available from premium spirits retailers including Master of Malt and The Whisky Exchange

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