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April 10, 2024

Yarra Valley Caviar launch exclusive retail partnership with Harrods

The finest First Harvest Salmon Roe, Smoked Salmon Roe and Trout Roe in the world from Yarra Valley Caviar in Australia will be available in the UK when it hits Harrods’ shelves on 17th April 2024. An exclusive retail partnership, it is the first in Europe for the suppliers after they netted a string of accolades in Australia.

Located at the base of the Rubicon River in the Yarra Valley region of rural Victoria in Australia, Yarra Valley Caviar produces the world’s highest quality First Harvest Salmon Roe, Smoked Salmon Roe and Trout Roe.

Commenting on the partnership, Nick Gorman, Yarra Valley Caviar’s owner said: “We are thrilled to bits Harrods has chosen our Salmon and Trout Roe as the very best they could find worldwide. Chefs worldwide have been telling us it’s the best for years but to get Harrods’ nod of approval is such a cool validation. The incredible quality is down to a completely artisan and humane process; our fish are milked entirely by hand once a year during the fish’s natural spawning cycle. The highly oxygenated cool alpine streams give the perfect environment for our salmon to live happily.”

It is already the salmon roe of choice for leading restaurants worldwide, including Michelin-starred Bobby Bräuer’s EssZimmer by Käfer in Germany (two stars), Dominik Sato and Fabio Toffolon’s The Japanese in Switzerland (two stars) and Dieter Koschina’s Vila Joya in Portugal (two stars). The brand most recently was selected by Chef Miller Prada of one Michelin-starred restaurant and wood-fired dining concept HUMO in Mayfair, London, and will appear on the menu from May 2024.

Chef-owner Scott Hallsworth (ex-head chef of Nobu and one-time founder of Kurobuta) from London pan-Asian restaurant Freak Scene, speaking about the reasons why he chooses to include Yarra Valley Caviar Salmon Roe on his menus said: “This is without exception the best quality Salmon Roe I have ever tried and it’s been an absolute hit on every menu we have used it.”

Though new to the UK and Europe, Yarra Valley’s sustainably grown roe is already showing globally why it is so special, setting a whole new benchmark in terms of quality, consistency of size of the pearls and extraordinary purity of flavour – all of which are part of the brand’s mission to raise the bar for salmon roe the world over.

Unlike the cheaper mass-produced roe predominantly by-products from the wild salmon fisheries in North America currently available on the market, Yarra Valley Caviar uses a bespoke breed of Atlantic salmon, purely bred to be humanely hand-harvested once a year, creating bright, plump and flawless pearls.

Available in store from 17th April 2024 and retailing from £35 for 1 x 100g tin of First Harvest Salmon Roe, Smoked Salmon Roe (£40) or Trout Roe*(£30), the exclusive partnership with Harrods is an exciting opportunity for Yarra Valley Caviar to bring a premium product to a new audience of chefs and connoisseurs alike.

For more information on Yarra Valley Caviar, please visit Yarra Valley Caviar.

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