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August 20, 2021

3 Men’s Style Tips for Every Occasion

Dressing stylishly in every circumstance you find yourself in can be a challenging affair. Figuring out the dress code for an event or occasion can be complicated enough without choosing the proper attire. Different situations call for different outfits, so you should be prepared whether you are going out for a casual meal, a dinner date, or even to the gym!

With that said, here are some style tips to help you dress dapper in whatever situation you find yourself in.

Casual Occasions

If you’ve got plans to meet some friends for a laid-back meal or for a couple drinks in your local bar, you should probably stick to casual attire. However, just because it’s a relaxed environment doesn’t mean you can dress like a slob. Regardless of where you’re going, you should aim to dress in such a respectable manner.

When dressing for an informal night out, consider pairing some jeans with a simple button-down collared shirt. This will deliver an understated look but provided your clothing fits you properly, it will look every bit as sharp as a tailored suit! If you want to jazz the look up a bit, the understated nature of the outfit means you can pull off a funky blazer.

While a tie is certainly not expected in most casual situations, it can be a way to help you stand out from the crowd. Consider a sophisticated design that will bring a touch of flair without going overboard.

Additionally, you should pay attention to the more minor details. Things like your belt, shoes, socks, or jewelry can help to make a lasting impression on those you meet and see at such an event.


Dates tend to call for a classic and refined look that compliments your personality without taking the spotlight. You also want to ensure that your outfit is comfortable; if not, your date will easily pick up on this.

When dressing for a date, the first thing to consider is the person you are meeting and your relationship with them. There is a big difference between meeting someone new for a first date or going out for a meal with your long-term partner.

How well you know the person can influence what stylistic choices you’ll be able to pull off. For example, if you’re going on a date with a long-term partner, it’s more likely that you can pull off that quirky tie that’s been sitting at the back of your closet. On the other hand, someone you’ve only just met could interpret this as a childish choice, harming your chances of hitting it off.

Regardless of who you’re dating, it’s always a good idea to incorporate layers into your date attire. A sports jacket with a pocket square and some neutral trousers is a great start. This means that you’ll have plenty of room for everything you need, and you can take something off if you get uncomfortable.

Ultimately, the jacket is probably the most crucial part of your outfit here. Choosing the right option will help your date to feel more respected and gives you a classy and responsible demeanor. Therefore, you should put some effort into finding something relaxed but stylish to give the right first impression to your date.

Gym Wear

You might not think of the gym as a place to flex your fashionable clothing, but dressing stylishly and comfortably is as important here as anywhere else.

When you’re exercising, the right clothing can dramatically impact your performance, both from a physical and psychological perspective.

Firstly, modern activewear incorporates novel technology to improve your comfort and safety in the gym. For example, modern gym tops include sweat-wicking technology, which can enhance your body’s ability to cool down, helping you push that bit harder. Similarly, weightlifting shoes can help you to lift more, more safely. Therefore, if you are going to the gym, the right equipment is essential.

Your performance can also be affected by your confidence. Psychologists have demonstrated that individuals exert more for longer when they feel confident in their clothing. So, finding something that you love will help you in your sessions. Currently, men’s oversized tracksuits are in style, so consider purchasing one of these if you want to look great while breaking a sweat.


Overall, your style should be tailored to whatever situation you find yourself in. For example, you shouldn’t wear the same outfit on a night out with your friends at a local bar as you would on a date. There are some overarching rules, however. Your clothing should compliment your personality, be comfortable and help you to feel confident. This will improve the overall impression people have of you, whether you have known them for years or you have just met them.

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